[Heroes of Gaia] Snail Sale or picking up the bar of soap? You decide.

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Well if you’re like me, you’ve just witnessed the ole HOG axe come a crashing down and are now watching the head of your HOG account rolling around in the basket.

Reason being was violation of game rules. Apparently, you cannot purchase 1k worth of points for just 1 kred. I know, a helluva deal, but still, a legitimate deal that was legitimately offered through a legitmate system. As far as I’m concerned, noone here hacked, noone here abused a bug, noone here violated game rules. You wanna buy points from Snail, sure. You go to the purchase points interface of the screen and there it is. Purchase 1k worth of points for 1 kred. Man what a deal! Let me jump on this now! Why not? I often see mails in my box telling me of all the wonderful deals Snail has in selling points to its consumers. As far as I’m concerned, this is just another one of those deals.

So you go ahead and start buying points. Why not? It’s a good deal and everyone is doing it and as I said before, it was all done legitimately.

And now, more than a full 24 hours later, accounts are getting frozen because if you bought points under this “sale”, you are cheating and must be dealt with.

To say this is ridiculous or unfair is an understatement. I don’t know what brought on this sale, and I will use the word “sale”, for that’s exactly what it was introduced as, but now players are being punished over it. This is no different than if T-Bone steaks were priced for 25 cents a piece, (whether mistakingly or otherwise), at the grocery store, and then after the customer purchased said product, was branded a thief and escorted from the store by security.

So if this “sale”, was a computer snafu, typo, mistake, whatever you will, then Snail representatives should have been around to make it clear to its players of what was going on, warn people, corrected the problem, etc etc.

Instead, more than 24 hours had elapsed and nary a word was said on the subject. Not one word. Not one warning. Not one raising of the finger to fix, settle or correct the issue. Here, buy my brand new 2012 never before used Mercedes for one hundred dollars. And now that the contract has been signed and I’ve handed you the keys to your shiny new set of wheels, lemme call the police and report you for grand theft auto. This is no different.

And for all that it’s worth, I am not bitter. I’ve had a blast with many of ya over the years. Not all of ya. But every book needs a hefty antagonist or two to make it a good read. I also don’t leave this game with a bitter taste in my mouth. Instead, I wish the new generation of HOG players the very best!

Yours Truly,

Aka Grizzly of Indigo

P.S. My only regret in all of this is that the issue of the matter will more than likely never be addressed by any Snail representative, and will fade away without a single word or iota of information given by anyone in authority on behalf of Snail.

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I’ll miss you Grizz, and everyone on hog, was fun and the only reason I stayed for 3 years was the friends I made. But Kong is full of games, so we can live another day, another game. :)

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This was a legal sale. Plain and simple. This was a mistake made by yourselves and no-one else. You only have yourselves to blame.

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Thanks for the well-written post LoganVexx / Grizzly. Things were admittedly not quite so simple, and let’s be honest, have you ever seen someone do a 99.9%-off sale? Even when stores are closing they don’t go that cheap – something was clearly wrong.

In any case, it wasn’t Snail’s fault at all, as I’ve explained in this post. We’re working to figure out what sort of solution is possible. There should be some sort of official response once we are able to get details from the main team in China – so far I’ve only been talking with the US team. Hopefully we can figure something out that makes sense and is as fair to everyone as possible.

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A fair response could be to open up the 99% sale to everyone for 2 days. You would still make money and it would even the playing field.

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Thank you Phoenix for the reply addressing the matter. You’re the first person of authority to offer any type of explanation concerning this down here in the pit. Or what you may refer to as the HOG forum. And you’re correct, as I hinted at in the beginning, the price concerning the sale of points just seemed to good to be true. But again, and in all fairness and speaking for myself, this “sale” as it were went on for many many hours. People talked about it in HOG global openly for a full day and night. It was spoken out in the open in global for all to see and read over and over again. The first minute after I logged on I saw others openly talking about the sale in global. And I logged on about 12 hours after the sale had already begun. So was something clearly wrong as you stated earlier, well, apparently so, but in all that time, I found it hard to believe that there wasn’t a single Snail moderator the entire time monitoring global even for just 5 minutes to catch wind of any of this and get the ball rolling to set things right….

And when that doesn’t happen, well then, people begin to wonder that hey, maybe this sale really is legit. There were all kinds of rumors being discussed openly in global as to why there was a sale. Everything from us merging with the Chinese server to it being a Chinese holiday. I’m in the US. What do I know? Regardless of which and from what I saw, there were no cloak and dagger tactics involved by those who participated in the sale. Everything was done out in the open and fully discussed in global. If only there was someone in authority around to hear…

But hey, thanks again for the reply. Vey much appreciative.

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there were mods on, they basically did nothing. they could have/should have shut the server down. by not doing so, I highly doubt they can even roll it back that far now. A 99% off sale a bad idea too, since a large portion of the server are non-payers, they would by hit by a huge disadvantage again, the $ to item ratio be so far off. I only see 2 solutions really, unban all that banned, with some compensation for lost playing time, and give all that didn’t use the bug some very decent items, i.e. 100 fortune boxes 25 magic crystals or something or just shut the server down permently and start a new one

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If the players who bought during the “sale” are to be punished for it, they should be refunded the amount of Kredits bought.

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I’ve unfortunately been a staunch hardcore HoG player for over 3 years now. Any kong mod can check my purchase history (80+ pages of it) to see I have spent a few thousand dollars on this game. Now all my hours and dollars are gone and for what? An exploit or mistake on someone else’s part? As Grizzly said this was spoken of in global for a full day and there was no word from snail or anyone in authority (as usual).

The following day snail sent a mail explaining that this was not an intentional sale and not to buy more items. So I did as instructed and did not top up anymore. Now I am banned along with many of my guildmates. This was done retroactively. We stopped topping up because none of us wanted to get frozen. Now we are all frozen. Many of the people I played with make my few thousand dollars spent and countless hours played seem miniscule. These guys spent 10k and more on this game and are now permanently frozen. Kongregate should not let this ruling stand. Kongregate is a company, and I understand economics plays a part here. So take away the points and items obtained but give me back the hours of play/grinding and money I have spent.

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EDIT – pointless.

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well, Galama, you are still playing with your alt. Spending money does not give you the right to hack everything possible and have 50 alts.

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Originally posted by LoganVexx:

Purchase 1k worth of points for 1 kred. Man what a deal! Let me jump on this now! Why not? I often see mails in my box telling me of all the wonderful deals Snail has in selling points to its consumers. As far as I’m concerned, this is just another one of those deals.

So you go ahead and start buying points. Why not?

You of all people shouldn’t be writing stuff like this. You play this game all the time.
You know your way around this game. You aren’t a noob.
So when the snafu happened:
- you knew that the game goes to hell if suddenly everyone gets everything pretty much for free. Therefore
- you knew this was some kind of error. And of course
- you knew that Snail reps are usually not around and don’t give a damn.

You knew what this was. But you didn’t ask Kong about it; you just kept exploiting the snafu.

To say your complaint is ridiculous or that you are a hypocrite is an understatement.

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Noone got anything for free. Even at a much reduced price, everything was bought and paid for fair and square. And why would I think Snail reps would not be around to observe what was being openly discussed in global for a full day and night concerning the sale. Snail is a multi-million dollar business and to imply that the game runs on auto-pilot with out any form of human intelligence monitoring its game is just utterly preposterous. I believe Snail reps were there, they were around to see what was being openly discussed, saw what was happening, but didn’t do anything because they themselves (at the time) thought absolutely nothing was wrong and that there was indeed a legitimate sale going on.

It wasn’t till sometime much later, the day afterwards did a Snail rep send out a mass mail saying the pricing system concerning the cost of points was incorrect. And as Irish pointed out, in the mail it said that as of “now” anyone attempting to purchase points would be banned. And like Irish and many-many others I am sure, abided by the mail and stopped buying points. But people got banned anyway. And I resent the fact the that in the mail, it claimed that violators exploited a bug. Noone there was a violator. They were consumers. And even though it is now being claimed as a bug, at the time it was presented and openly discussed in global as a sale.

There was a story in the news the other day about a gas station that set the wrong price on its pumps. 5 cents a gallon. The owner of the gas station knew about it, but was unable to change the price. And for hours and hours people filled their tanks for 50 cents. Now after filling up, were the cops there to slap cuffs on these people and impound their vehicles. No. I wonder why that was. Because regardless of how great a deal it was, a deal due to a pricing error on its pumps, it was still the deal that was advertised from supplier to consumer. To do otherwise falls into shady business practices, false advertising and bait and switch tactics. Noone attempted to call the VIPs running the oil rigs in the middle of the ocean and inquire as to why.

Now I am done with you Bart.

You are naught but a troll. Begone!

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Originally posted by LoganVexx:

And as Irish pointed out

I knew I saw a kakashi-post in this thread. Where did it go?

Originally posted by ItsColdInHere:

If the players who bought during the “sale” are to be punished for it, they should be refunded the amount of Kredits bought.

QFT. The experienced players knew what they were doing, but the noobs may really have thought this “sale” was legitimate; and obviously everyone should to be treated the same way.

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everyone who has played this game for more than a week should know by now that whenever snail does ANYTHING AT ALL with the shop, they spam us repeatedly with mail to let us know about it, so it is your fault for abusing this glitch. it was only available for kongregate users, and not people playing from the OFFICIAL snail site, another obvious sign that it was not intentional, so it is your fault for abusing this glitch.

the moderators on the game are borderline non-existant, and also powerless. you can spam whatever curse word is your favorite for hours without getting muted. the mods that ARE on, based on empirical observation, are likely oblivious, or so lazy that they only watch help channel while doing things in other tabs. however, whenever the mods did eventually notice the situation, all they could do would be to relay the information and wait for it to be acted upon by someone with actual power, after being discussed for a while, and panicked about first. so, it is your fault for abusing this glitch.

this is basic multiplayer-game knowledge and common sense right here. if you knowingly abuse a glitch like this, especially in such a way that it costs the company money, you will be punished, so it is your fault for abusing this glitch. this is not a restaurant, or a supermarket or a gas station or anything else like that, nor is this game the united states of america with a constitution. this is a trademarked and copyrighted piece of property that they are allowing us to use, as long as we play by their rules. it’s how it is in every multiplayer game, and it’s in every ToS and EULA and contract you sign before registering / playing : “you agree to follow our rules, and not exploit the game, or we can ban you. also, we have the right to ban you if we even THINK you are doing something that you shouldnt be. youre in our world now.” so it is your fault for abusing this glitch.

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WTG SNAIL please DO NOT Roll Back Server Snail !!!!! I commmend you on getting rid of people that have taken advantage of bugs , glitches in some cases for an extremely long time, Even if it took it hitting your pocket to finally take action against KNOWN cheaters in Heroes of Gaia that have a HUGE UNFAIR advanantge over other players because of their cheating, Botting And exploit abuse.

ALL HAIL SNAIL.great job keep it up!!!