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i’m going to start this off and people feel free to add other annoyingly named things that really need a change

1) in guild HQ the “quit” button, erm how about “leave HQ” or “exit” or just anything that does now make ppl think they are about to remove themselfs from the guild itself

2) in guild HQ in the lists for build and upgrade/move of HQ defences, just give this a total makeover so we can name them ourselves or at least tell them apart

3) on missions and in the market the xmas event names for the resorces are still there, its over 300 day’s till they will be needed again and lets be honset they are going to be called other things for other events before that times comes again, keep up please

4) happy hour…… right and i’m going to live to be 2,400 years old, then again i might live to be 100 and it be called happy day, its a pet hate of mine but if an event lasts a day its not called an hour long event

5) in mission window, when it becomes available “skip this step” it is not very clear and its not even in button form its just words you can click, how about a “cancel mission” button

these are the ones that annoy me the most

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1) Yes
2) Yes
3) It should be fixed now
4) Haha, Happy day doesn’t sound that good !
5) Okay, i’ll change that too

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thank you :)