[Zombie Slayer] @Kano: TS Pointmen question

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@Kano, Why are Pointmen giving only 1% Att/Def Boost, when it is 2% in FB?? Is this limited by level, or do Kano expect us to buy 10 Pointmen and have only 10 “Real” playerson our TS to have the same boost we have in FB…This is good if you pay to play.

It appears Kano is very select with who they respond to in this forum, I asked a valid question with no response.
Can someone else please shed some light on this question?

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I apologize that your original thread wasn’t answered. I actually thought I had replied, although that doesn’t appear to be the case.
All that aside, the reason the stats are different on the other networks is because the pointmen were originally designed to be at 1%, but when when we published to Facebook it was accidentally set to 2%, and by the time the error was noticed it was too late to change without affecting quite a few players.
Launching on Kongregate provided an opportunity to have the pointmen as designed, which is why it’s been kept at 1%.