[WarFlow] Jan 9 Improvements --Fortune Wheel Ranking

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Events ON:
1.Fortune Wheel Ranking
2.Fortune Wheel chances cost 20% off and without VIP limit
3.Magic Rate 80%~100%
4.Forge gold cost 30% off
5.Valor Stand refresh mode 50% off
6.Unlock Soulception slot cost 30% off
7.Hero reincarnation cost 30% off
Event Duration: Jan 9th 00:00 to Jan 16th 00:00 PST

Events needed detailed explanation:

Fortune Wheel Ranking
Description: In the event duration, when daily Fortune Wheel spins used or total Fortune Wheel spins used reaches a certain number, the players will be given extra rewards.
Besides, each Fortune Wheel spin used counts 1 point in the Fortune Wheel Rank. In the end of the event, the top 30 players of each merged server will be given wonderful rewards.

1)Rewards for Daily Fortune Wheel Used: (Reset at 05:00 server time every day)

2)Rewards for Total Fortune Wheel Used:

3)Ranking Rewards:(Points stop counting at Jan 16, 00:00 PST)
Ranking rules: Points> RP> Level>Time Attaining Points

4) Top 100 Players Accumulation Points Rewards:
Condition: Top 100 players total points more than 12000, all players in the server will be given a 4-letter code with 1,000,000 silver, 16 Sacred Jewels(4 for each kind) and 20 Arena challenge chances*20.

a. Top 30 players will be able to claim rewards after Jan 16th maintenance by clicking the reward button.
b. Daily rewards reset at 5:00 AM server time (PST) every day
c. Fortune Wheel Ranking rewards and points stop counting on Jan 16th, 00:00 server time (PST). Even if the maintenance doesn’t start immediately, the points stop exactly on Jan 16th, 00:00 server time (PST).
d. If two players have same points, the system will decide the rank position based on players’ RP>level>time attaining the points.
e. Top 5 players in all servers and Total points of Top 100 players of each group shall be presented every day in forum. Please keep checking.

Enjoy and events and thanks for your support!

WarFlow Team

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Hii guys,

Top 100 players’ cumulative points of Fortune Wheel Ranking on Jan 14, 18:50 is 7509. Get more 4491 points, all of you guys will win 4-letter code with 1,000,000 silver, 16 Sacred Jewels(4 for each kind) and 20 Arena challenge chances*20.^^