[BigHeadBash] BOTS are in BHB!

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Hi guys, the Dev Team have a big announcement. BOTS are now available in BHB. This means that players can now fight with and against AI. You can also team up with friends. You guys have been asking for it and it’s finally here. We’ve doubled the time and score for all BOT TDM matches. Now you can choose to participate in 30, 40 or 50 point matches while fighting BOTS.

Currently BOTS can only be played on Jungle Team Death Match map but we’ll be adding more TDM levels in later builds. In the mean time, check out the BHB and Bash some BOTS.

Here’s a quick guide on starting a BOT match.

Create a TDM room and once in a Lobby click CHANGE.

Scroll the map button to Jungle. Notice there’s a B and toggle box. Click it to TOGGLE it ON. This will let the game know you wish to play with BOTS.

Select how many players you want to play with along with level and Speed.
NOTE: BOTS are not affected by changing Speed setting.

When you’re done, click OK.

Once you’re back in the Lobby, press READY and you’re set to go.

When playing with BOTS you don’t have to wait for other players to join you. You can chose to start the match with only one player or you can choose to wait and fight with or against people and BOTS.

Enjoy Bashing some BOTS!

Other build updates:

  • BOTS now available in Jungle TDM
  • Match times and score doubled for Jungle TDM BOTS
  • Ongoing stabilization fixes for White Team bug instances
  • Value tweaks to Collection Value on Boosters
  • Rebalanced values for Daily Quest rewards
  • Winter Toys removed from store.
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Hi there, I’ve been playing this game for a while now, so I thought I could give you some feedback on this update :)

+Great that BOTS are now available, you really listen to your players, which makes them like you :P

+More kills needed (and a longer timeframe) is a good idea, because BOTS do speed up the kill counters.

+and I’m very happy the BOTS are optional


-they have a lot more health than normal players, presumably to force players into attacking other players rather than farming on BOTS, but this also makes the game entirely different

-they don’t use BASH if they have it

-they do not avoid fire, so running up to a group of BOTS with an area damage weapon (such as a rocket launcher) is a actually a pretty smart idea, as long as you can avoid their rocket launchers, which is not that hard. (Or sneaking up from behind, because they just don’t act on being fired at)

-they do not chase low health targets

I understand that especially avoiding and chasing is hard to implement, but if you have few players, just sitting away from two groups of fighting bots and using an area damage weapon works quite well, but it isn’t much fun.
-matches with few players have an artificial feel

Oh, it doesn’t save the muting of music (and possibly sound, but I don’t know that for sure)
-music doesn’t stay muted

But above all: great work! BOT matches are different, but with a mix of BOTs and players you still have the idea you’re winning (or losing), but not because it’s a flaw in the AI

Oh, you probably understand this: but the -s are for negative points, and the +s for positive points.

Now let’s see what the other reactions are.


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Originally posted by B10H4Z4RDX:

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