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I’m very new myself, (mage level 5, warrior level 4) but this is what I’ve found.

1) The Mage is much easier at the start because you can run and shoot, killing the enemies, without getting hit at all (just watch out for traps). The warrior can kind-of run and hit without getting hit much, but it is much easier and faster with the mage.

2) After the tutorial, select a level 1 dungeon. Even though your gear is good enough (at least the mages) to do harder dungeons, the Sobbin’ Globins level is a bit hard for a new warrior.

3) Look for dungeons that will let you fight the boss first. After killing the boss, you can look for some weaker stuff to kill, or just leave and kill the boss again and again.

4) If you are looking for gear and skills, focus on killing bosses. If you are looking for crafting mats, coins, and exp; clear the weakers mobs in the dungeons also.

5) I sort the dungeons by % win, then look for the level I want with a high win %.

6) It seems the level of the dungeon determines what the mobs drop. Exp: I go into a level 1 dungeon, kill the boss, and get a few items. Then I go into a level 6 dungeon, same looking boss, about same number of hits, and I get a lot more items.

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While Mage is easier initially (due to its range attack capabilities), training the Warrior is a better investment long-term. Each swing the Warrior makes can hit multiple enemies at once. Coupled with a life steal weapon at Lv9, and the Warrior will have no problem cutting down swarms of monsters without having to worry about healing, too.
In higher level dungeons, where traps lie at every corner, it may be difficult for the Mage to gain distance away from the monsters. Low HP and low defense means that it will be subject to a quick death.

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Because all characters share the inventory, I think starting off with the Mage is a great way to get gear for the Warrior. But traps and a lot of enemies in a small area are very hard for my Mage. My Warrior (with gear I got playing my Mage) is doing great though.