[Wings of Destiny] Are all pets relatively equal?

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We have something of a lack of knowledge here. Questions need to be asked.

Such as this one.

There’s the Tybalt you’re given for free(Also buyable for Vouchers), Shivra, Penance, and Zagan from the shop, Seth, Gladiator and Rayden in the Slots, and Harpy from high-end dungeons.

But you aren’t told anything about them.

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The pets are not relatively equal. You also have to consider the grade and the enhancement.
Also each pet has a different skill. You can also create your own build for your pet on what attributes you want
to be the most advantageous.

Magical Ranged Pets are Shivra, Penance, Seth and Rayden.
Physical Melee Pets are Zagan and Gladiatror.

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Angelic pets have useless treat: +20% Movement Speed. I’d understand if the +20% would apply to player, but no.

The treat is useless compared to other pets’ treats, because you very rarely (if ever at all) benefit from pet’s increased movement speed.