[Mud and Blood 2] guide's on how to get 100+ waves.

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Ok so this is how i achieve waves of a 110-200 waves.

I believe my strategy is one of the simplest strategy’s out there. well first off i would like to offer up some proof of my allegations: Here are some of my game pic’s.

http://i.imgur.com/szsLs.png ( 164 wave )
http://i.imgur.com/vG4jb.png ( just a pick of me being lazy on the battle field ) i got to wave 133 on this.
http://i.imgur.com/P7iBa.png <——-my stats just incase yall wanna see if im lieing)
http://i.imgur.com/xghG5.png ( wave 161 ) died on this wave and lost.
http://i.imgur.com/To2Jv.png ( wave 127)
http://i.imgur.com/LrQ4L.png ( wave 146 )
http://i.imgur.com/e41cG.png ( wave 151) died that round.
http://i.imgur.com/DOefb.png ( piwo’s pic )
http://i.imgur.com/SqZkj.png (16th game stats) wave 187
http://i.imgur.com/6gy4N.png ( 20th game stats) wave 157
Normal deploy.

( the amount of waves you should be able to achieve is 80 -120 ) Now if you are first starting off and you have 0 ribbons this guide will still work. Now to start game you need to hit deploy,Once the game starts look at your men if you have one that has 50+ aim give him a grand.if they are below this aim don’t upgrade there weapons.Now move all 4 of your gi’s up to the 50% of the screen then when you have 4 tp’s get a gunner. since you don’t have the rifle boosting ribbons yet your gunners aim could be 15 aim its okay. then when u get 4 more tps get a engineer then save 5 tps and build a bunker in the middle of the field. place the gunner and 2 gi’s inside the bunker.put the gi’s in front of your gunner ( they will act as meat shield’s ).then put your engineer in it to. now save up 6tp’s to buy 1 sniper. when u get 6 tp’s get sniper then save another 5 and build a pillbox on the very top of your screen in the center. Leave your engineer inside the pillbox.he will mine tank’s. then u just heroism your gunner and sniper If you have tp’s that start piling up build mines below your bunker 4 skf’s.

Close protection.

now close protection you will start off with 12 tps

so first off you will get 2 gunners and 1 engineer

then you build 2 bunkers just like the pictures i have linked ontop.
then you can either put a sand bag’s in them or trenches
then you get a sniper, and have your captain / commander get the crates so he can get 25exp . when your captain has 25 exp moral the 2 gunners to 100.then have your engineer build a pillbox at top.leave him in 4 tanks. ~ wave should be wave 30 -wave 35.then when your 2 gunners reach 20exp give them heroism and send your commander back. then you get 1 last engineer have him place mines behind your bunkers 4 the pesky skf’s once this has been done put him in your bunker. if the engineer in the bunker dies either a german captain will kill him / paratroper / flames u can send him up into the pill box .and just call in a engineer and put that one in the bunker.

Proper planning

basically all the same as above but u just have more tp’s to start with . and by waves 80-100 i start having 21 tps and then just start blowing them on mines and booby traps ,as long as you are 6 men or under you are fine.allso remember that proper planing mean’s when u start with the leftover tps .oh and it will give u 4 free gi’s i just send them back .

if you would like to talk to me about my guide on kong chat you can find me and some of my pal’s in my private chat . to get to my private chat u can either private message me ,hey can i come to your private chat or you can just get auto access with is /w58mugruber mugruber

ok so note to self test 2 zooks 2gunners 1engineer ,2bunekrs 1pillbox 1camnet sniper sniper and m3at under it all construtions the same.zooks left/right corners .

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You are asking for no ribbons first match to got 50+ is a bit but not impossible cause the game is totally random!

quite demanding the able of changing tactics anytime problems occured, i like the ideo and i just get the hasty defense by doing the opposite of this (Lucky, don’t mind)

So you are saying to call all of this man and not expect Enemies support on you or flanker unfair even (no flanker, the percentage increase like 1% per few waves i think, wat ever)

I will try this more and rate this! (maybe i am good enough to deploy this and execute this!

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flanker unfair events i do get those but they rarely do any damage to me.i really lose the game because my engineer gets either Stuck/or burned& thats normally around ~ 120 – 150 waves.

since i only have 5-6 men they will not get very much enemy support …guess u never heard of the six man rule.


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Well i do know that, if you don’t have over 6 men that it is will not send support to your area but Flanker, i can say dramatically, it always hit my bunker! (First time, second and third in a row, of trying your stuffs, i keep doing it and try to blend your tatics a bit and it gives me to 201, (hah), lucky WESPE blitz cause i press 2-4 then changed tactics to wave 201)) LOL, i cannot get the pic for u cause somehow it got my desktop not my browser (Weird)

Mines below bunkers are no good for me! My tanks are even stupidier, 2 zooks die in vain of a flak panzer (i hate stationary, just give me 2 scouts, ran across the maps and i am fine to 105, i will try to get picture)

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hum are u sure u are doing this. wave 1 ( proper planing ) get 2 gunners ,1 engineer 1 sniper. then build bunker 51% up the map .place on on the left/right then ~ .5 inches away from the next one put a nother bunker .then place the gunners in it put sand bags/trenches then wave 30-35 put pillbox on top ~in the center of the very top.at least 1 gunner should be 20-30exp then when u do this get 1 more gunner. have him place mines bind your bunkers one row of mines. leave the center part open. then go to the other side and lay another row of mines. then have your sniper in the center and make your men moral 100+.then send your "captain/commander/officer " the one with the pistol back.then send that 1 engineer into a bunker .( back up miner ).this should get u to at least 100.me piwo and jon have no problems getting 100+.though to day was a rather “hard day” v1blitz at wave 30. eh i got to 116 that round. again u should really study those pictures. and see how i did it if you do not under stand how i did it. ( best pic that i saw at a glace that shows how i built my double bunkers and pillbox.

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3 gunners?

and gunner can build?? You meant engie ok! I got it, i did what you said but it is just like the game doesn’t like me to do that way, i always got my bunker busted even though the gunner inside got 45 and the enemy engineer 3 m away he still got the dinamite on and bust it! The bullets would never hit him and one more thing, the dinamite appears itself from very far and destroy everything? (Bug or something)
But at least i made to wave 200 is a genius tactics, try something else that is more interesting, i will try your this morning and someone’s else tonigh!

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i have 3-4 other strategy ideas ,here is one i think u would like. so 51% up the map add a pillbox 50% add a bunker on either side of the pillbox with a litte space between them. then put 1 gunner with sand bags in each.then in the corns of your side of the map put 1 m3at with a cam net. build 2 right/left corners ( pillbox blocks line of site) then put 5 frenchies or 5 men in the 51% up the map pillbox ( it will draw all the fire power to them and should spare your bunkers ,The only problem with this is when a m3at deiced to kill your bunker.

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Wow that is the same idea right after i tried the old one, i did that and fit perfectly fine , till wave 156 (sorry, i could make any picture)
Next, i change to pill box to another bunkers (3 in total) and from that just 3 gunners, 2 engies and 3 medic cause i am afraid my gunners gonna be hurt! I only need mine at the rear of the bunker and the rear of the Ats that is it! Take pop corn and enjoy enemies gibbled!

Kill me is: GOLIATH or Freaking Flak panzer or even sniper blitz, Wespe, not much of a threat (i can destroys of your troops but easily to be fit in just 8 tps)!
Spamming some ATs and you are good

Brutalized copyright half of this idea!

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hum things i noticed after waves 100,comanders ,snipers and tanks apper very often. im using a half track with 75mm cannon and its like a land matteres when 50+ exp. then im getting 2 gunners and 2 snipers and 1 enineer .been getting 120+ unless my half track gets destroyed :(

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lol, the halftrack boss the battle!

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Ribbon Of Unfairness i have 250 unfair events called on me allready im 1/4 there !!!!
update i got the mud blood 2 cross game 45.it gives all you men +9exp at start rather nice i do have to say.even vehicles.