[Jagged Alliance Online] Secure the Molwanian Airspace!

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A splinter group of the Kasachva Liberation Army has stolen anti-aircraft guns from an Molwanian army base. They are acting without authority and this operation has been classified as a terrorist attack. Your job is to resolve this situation before any civil airplanes are shot down.

You need to clear this vast area from every last anti-aircraft gun! Bring your alliance, recruit additional manpower, and show those rebels how futile their actions are.

Achieve the first rank of the Warzone Molwania with your alliance in the next cycle and get this reward: 50 gold, 5 craft kits and 30.000 cash for each participating alliance member.
In addition, five companies that achieve more than 100 warzone points will be randomly selected to also win this price.

The event starts on Friday 01:00 CET (GMT +1) and lasts for 24 hours.

Good luck!

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The event has been over for a while and there has been no follow-up. The rewards have not been attributed either. Can you keep us informed?

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I posted it in the game news section. I´ll post it here also :) Rewards have been distributed.

They may have expected you, but the rebels have gravely underestimated the force that was going to hit them. Waves of fiercely competing mercenary from Kongregate crushed their defense lines and inflicted devastating chaos to the enemy lines.
Then the rebels got a glimpse of the true magnitude of this operation, when the Gamigo veterans appeared out of nowhere, smashed any remaining resistance within minutes and destroyed every single thing that could be propelled higher than 20 meters.
The mercenaries of FF Company disabled 2888 rebel held items they considered dangerous to anything flying, including a frog (which was captured, no animals where harmed)

In the end, two alliances proved to be the head of the wave:
Expandables pushed the momentum of the Kongregate wave and scored 619 warzone points.
The warzone veterans of Polish Brotherhood then crushed all remaining forces and cleaned up really thoroughly, scoring extreme 6098 warzone points!
All participating members of those two alliances will receive 50 gold, 5 craft kits and 30.000 cash for their achievement.

Independent observers also were able to take a look at the performance of a few individual companies and proposed to honor
Roadkill Inc, Забугорье, and baldurians from Kongregate
Die Platten Reifen, Shadow Inc, Unknown Unit, Warlords Firma, and Forcefurb from Gamigo for scoring more than 100 warzone points.
All of these companies receive also will receive 50 gold, 5 craft kits and 30.000 cash.


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new event will be announced very soon.
Some info upfront: it will require reputation level 30 and it will most likely take place on Wednesday evening.
Also, all players between 30 and 50 will have a fair chance of winning prizes!