[WarFlow] Compensation for Server Migration Maintenance Extension

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Hiiiiiiiiiiii guys,

Compensation for server migration maintenance extension from Jan 9th 19:00 to Jan 10th 00:00 PST.

Giftcode 1:hhx5, expiration Jan 13, 12:00 PST. 600,000 silver, 60,000 forage, 50,000 honor and 7 MCU.

Giftcode 2: dypw, expiration Jan 13, 12:00 PST. 10 Medals, 5 Arena challenge chances.

a. players below LV21 cannot use giftcode 2 because Arena requires LV21, and Medal system requires LV100.
b. last time, some players reported they failed to use compensation code, but the items did actually added to the accounts even it said failed. So I would suggest you check you your resource before you use the compensation codes and then ask CS for a second code if it really fails again.

We do feel deeply sorry for long hours maintenance again and appreciate your waiting. Thanks for your support.

WarFlow Team