[RichState] Convey the Cargo to Get Containers as Rewards!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Jan. 9, 2013 PST.

A new system will be released after the maintenance—- Cargo Escort. By accepting a task and escorting the cargo to the destination, you can earn rich rewards.

The system will be unlocked after your main vehicle reaches Lv70.

1. Click the “C” icon in the upper right corner of main interface.
2. Click “Cargo Escort” in the map on the right side of the “Car” interface.

1. You have 3 chances every day to accept tasks on the interface of “Cargo Escort”, whether the tasks are accomplished or not.

2. The task, since being accepted, needs to be finished within 1 Hour, or it fails. You can abandon the task halfway but won’t get any rewards.

3. There are 3 routes you can choose, each with different NPCs of varying difficulty.

4. You need to defeat the NPCs to get through, in order to reach the destination.

5. The times required from an ambush to the next one are different, according to the route you choose.

6. After accomplishing a task, you can get 30 Containers as rewards, which contain the necessary materials to upgrade the Program Level in Research Center.

New Item—-Container

1. Containers obtained from the Cargo Escort are unpresentable, and those from Desert Exploration are presentable.
2. The research materials inside are unpresentable.

Richstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Dovogame Team
January 9, 2013