[Clash of the Dragons] Suicidal charge + acid flask damage bug

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As title says.
Played suicidal charge, it depleted 4 from me, 31 from enemy.
4 damage to me depleted dark cornucopia from me, which depleted acid flask from opponent. Acid flask did 31 damage to instead of 4.

Relevant battle log snipped below:

Nahistel plays Suicidal Charge

Nahistel depletes 4 from Suicidal Charge

Nahistel depletes:
– Night of Silent Blades
Nahistel’s buff from Night of Silent Blades fades

Nahistel depletes:
– Guilbert’s Curse
– Dark Cornucopia

Harlequin Harlot depletes 3 from Dark Cornucopia

Harlequin Harlot banishes:
– Acid Flask

Nahistel depletes 31 from Acid Flask

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Acid Flak deals damage based on the direct damage dealt, which was 31 ^^

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Actually, direct damage was 0, AF was depleted by indirect damage.

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The direct damage on this attack is still 31, which is what Acid Flask uses to calculate damage ^^

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In my opinion that doesn’t make much sense. This leads to all sorts of funny situations.

Like using magma sword or other banish damage when you have barbed brooches in deck, or opponent forces you to deplete whenever you play card against him. Can lead into similar situation where you take full damage from acid flask even if the damage was banish.

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I’m surprised that this kind of mechanisms is considered normal. If the damage which discard “Acid Flask” are not direct damage. It is not normal to be affected by “Acid Flask”.

You do realize that ca false implementation of a consistent deck? If the text of the card is an interpretation of your “reality” rather than of this what should be.

The script of the card should be considered, or it is the rule of the card text.

PS: Where can I find the official rules of the game? The Wiki “C.o.D” is not the official version of the rules. Information detailed the game mechanics are not addressed it seems to me.
Example here: how to apply damage? In one * stack? treaties directly? the depletion before or after the damage? the effects of depletion processed directly or put in an * stack? The death of a player (0) stops processing the damage or is taken into account after? (in this figure is the indirect death of the player attacking)

  • “The stack”: area through which pass all spells and abilities that are played (with exceptions). It is governed by the principle of last in, first out.
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Acid Flask reads “On deplete, deal damage to a random opponent equal to the direct damage caused when Acid Flask was depleted.”

It doesn’t say it needs to be depleted by a specific type of damage to deal damage back, so that is how it is programmed to work.

Our game rules may be found here. Thereis also a link to this under the game that you may find by clucking on the rules button. If you have a question that isn’t in there, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer ^^

If your opponent dies, the battle rest of the depletion effects that have been triggered process and the battle ends. Damage may be interrupted midway by another effect being depleted, and then that depletion effect will occur before resuming the the original damage.