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I Played your Game now 1 hour and must say i don’t want to play it longer. The game System is too"botlike" Your
-Charakter stop moving for a short time when you change the run direction.

-Maps are a bit small.

-Leeched “LOL” Options (Max Level 18, QWER Skills, 5 upgrades 6 Item slots Base teleport system. Kinda everything copied.)

-Shop is buggy. When i buy something in need to reload the Game because the “You bought xXx” don’t disappear and when you try to click it away it don’t work.

-Less Items (The one i liked was kinda the same: ATK & LifeLeech/DefPenetrat./whatever)

Sorry guys but therefore that LOL is F2P like this game i would download LOL before i start playing here active.

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Hi Gilton :)

Sorry to hear you don’t like it and that you have experienced problems. The game is very young at the moment and we have a lot of things to work on. We do however thank you for your feedback :)

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Coming from a Dota/LoL background, I appreciate what you guys have done here. Alot of hard work went into this game, and it plays okay, though takes some getting used to (alot of kids don’t have the patience, I guess?).

My biggest isseus with the game are the item shop and matchmaking. Last night I got matched vs 3xlvl20 commandoes, while my team were level 3, 15 and 15. Now, I don’t mind being matched against statistically improbable odds – forces me to play better! – What I don’t like is the fact that because the other guys are max level they have access to far superior weaponry/defences, which inherently means the game is a lost cause because my team could not, ultimately, match the itemization of our opponents.

Following the Dota/LoL moba theme, I’d suggest making the item shops items available for any level of account. Means that matches are more settled by skill than raw level advantage.

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Hi Magician :)

Some great feedback there, appreciate the input and given us some points to consider :)

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Also make surrender a majority vote. If 2 out of 3 want to quit then the game should end.
As for the matchmaking feature it is horrible. In my opinion make one dedicated random players match and one invitation players match options so that we avoid those noobs with 20 lvl characters that join altogether just to gain ranking and they both abuse the ranking system and ruin others people fun games.