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This is completely my guide that i decided to create, it has scattered tidbits for information that is somewhat in order. To find something exact that you need press Ctrl+F and type in a keyword of what your looking for. If its not here, heres a place where it could be found “google”.

Their are 4 kind of people that play in this game. Kredders people who spend money or do surveys for a karma jump in this game. Farmers people who legitly take their time and become strong. Botters, people who are considered cheaters and farm. And the power levelers, people who race through levels and are super weak. Dunno how much use this is for you to know but i thought id throw the peoples classes out their.

Ok,so creation of your clan, you have three choices. (Lotus the White Clan who starters ninja you get is mostly hp based, Fire Clan the red one who’s starters are power based, and the Shadow Clan who’s starters are mostly even in both categories but lower then lotus’s HP and Fires power. Choosing a clan only effects, your starter ninja, clan appearance, and starter relics. Fire – Power relic. Lotus – HP relic. Shadow – Critical chance relic.)

Heres a free 1karma and relic. Click in the game for simplicity im going to tell you to click daimyo. He will give you a random reward of karma/gold every 4hrs. So click daimyo, then enter in these keys " ^ ^ V V < > < > B A Enter. YOU DO NOT PRESS SPACE in between, and those are arrow keys that you are entering.

Now that you have your clan chosen, lets move on how to get the “best non-kred” start. After completion of the tutorial you should check out your profile for a list of achievements, only thing achievements are good for is to get on highscores, to look good, or of course for karma. Karma is one of the currencies for this game, karma can be spent on leveling ninjas, changing a ninjas name, and buying Magic. Magic can be bought for karma or tokens ( tokens have 1 and only 1 use buying magic. )

After you checked out some of the achievements your ready to start. I suggest not typing into the chat box, so you can get your first 150 wins with out being denied by some guy trying to get a 100 Streak breaker achievement. Also i suggest killing the lowest level enemies you can so you stay on the lower level list and wont be looked for to badly by level 10s-12s. You should also try waiting for your 2x EXP to wear off.

Now that you won a couple fights you should have some karma your ready to spend, i suggest putting all of your karma into 1 ninja at a time. If you chose to ignore that suggestion later on around level 12-20 you will have ALOT of trouble in the tournys, and just fighting overall.

Tournaments (tournys) – Are a way for you to get pretty strong weapons with out having to farm or buy from shop. If you lose in a tournament is does not count towards you win/losses so their for it will not end you win streak.

Now, i suggest “farming a bit” taking it slow while picking up alot of achievements, by plevel 8 (plevel = player level) you should have a nlevel (nlevel = ninja level) around 31, for a black belt. If you hit plevel 20, and do not have a nlevel 60, i suggest restarting. You can restart by scrolling down to the broken bulb banner on the bottom right click reset my account.

If you farm you will be super strong for your level, thanks to the money you earn and occasional karma weapon that you fine.

No matter what plevel you are you can find karma weapons. Karma weapons are weapons that you find that are probably stronger then the weapons that you are using or come very close to the weapons in tournaments. You can tell by that their name they can be sold in the weapon shop for karma.

Now lets go through the bosses, at level 5 theirs a girl with a lunch box if you followed this guide should be real easy. At level 15 theirs Genbu a turtle that you want to defeat with food items (Negi and Fried Shrimpe “LUNCH BOX IS NOT FOOD”) for some karma. At 25 your going to see the girl again but this time she has a sword. After you beat her you can wait like 24hrs and you can fight her again. Give your strongest ninja the daikatana and hope he/she kills the girl for a achievement. To fight her again,click the blimp and inbetween the Enemies and Allies flag you will see some of the bosses, if she is their click her.
Now for the final boss, Mecha Genbu able to be fought at level 35. if you farmed your way to 35, you will kill Mecha Genbu easily. If you semi farmed you can still do it at 35. If you power leveled to 35, i suggest keep on power leveling to like 50 with your weak self by some good relics and weapons and pray you can win.

If you lag and hate watching boss fights you can skip boss fights and zombies, by once it starts press Play/Profile/etc… it will skip it for you, for zombies i suggest hitting profile and scrolling down to see how many you killed by looking at the achievements. For Boss fights i suggest if it was your first time fighting that boss hittin play, if you would have won, the boss is gone your achievement is their, and your item that you receive is there.

At level 18 you can fight zombies, i WILL NOT be postin relic combinations for levels in this guide. At level 18 you can fight zombies, with this at your disposal you can test relic combinations, and find which works best for you.

Achievement help ~ ok, their are some achievements that are a bit confusing and im to lazy to type how to obtain them all or explain it so here is a link.


that has a list of ALL but one of kongregates achievements, and some more because its facebook, but it works for kongregates achievements.

Ok, for those of you wondering about belts


Ok for achievement purposes, Ninjas that are level 36+ do not count as a black belt for achievements.