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Hello everyone and Iron Grip Team,

I really enjoy your game so far, although I have to admit that I’am only level 7 so far blush
What I really enjoy the setting and the balance I have witnessed so far, so I cannot make any balancing suggestions so far.

Yet, what I’d personally really enjoy would be being able to build your own fortress/flying steampunk castle or some kind of base of operations. Depending on your level and wealth you could be raided by NPC’s occassionally or even other players, if that is intended. You could split up the techtree and stuff from your airship to both airship and castle. So tech and recruiting might be done there, while your ship could be enhanced otherwise. (e.g. somekind of unique abilities for the ship that could be upgraded, like an bombardement <- some kind of areal denial rather than damage, airstrike, repair which you’d have to choose one of). Also, while your base of operations is under attack teching is slowed or even paused, because the scientist have been evacuated or something like that :-)
I guess some of this could further the depth of the game and open up some stragedies :-D

Greetings and keep it up,