[Chronicles of Blood] January 14th - Dread jungle

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Children of the night,

Dread jungle, the 11th region in CoB is finally open. I know, on paper it seems that it almost took 8 months to open this region, but please don’t forget that there have been quite a few updates in the emantime. However, it is now the time for level 100 vampires to progress.

Dread jungle has your usual mix of creatures with a strong toxic theme. This is reflected in a new status effect caled „anemia“.

There will be 4 legendary axes, but we really expect only the craziest among you to get one. All 4 should be out of the question.

This time R11 comes already with epic and coven bosses, so you can try to defeat them from day 1.

PvP players can check out the Battlemaster’s for a new set, and PvB players will find new weapons to spend their BB on.

There are new donation items: Shadow totem, Totem of primal rage, Facemask of fear, and Primal belt. If you are interested in them please make sure that you have the required level to use them!
„Kiss of the Spider“ and „Embrace of the Spider“ have been slightly buffed.

Next will be a new portal region called „Crows Hills Crypt“, titles, region 12 on which we already have started working, new avatars, and of course body modifications.