[Jagged Alliance Online] Account deletion is not permitted

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I sent a mail to jao_support@cliffhanger-productions.com.

I want to start all over because the Gunner class doesnt fit my style, i can replace it buying another permanent merc, but thats not the solution, here the problem is the nick, i really enjoy to play using my nick in an usable char.

I think that to reset an account you only need the Kong ID, so here it is:
2378551 (DarkBlood1).

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We are getting back to yu by mail :)

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The response of the mail was:

Unfortunately we are not able to reset accounts or change you main mercenaries archetype at the moment.
Since we get a lot of requests for this, we are working on a feature to enable this in the future.

I always take a gunner with me by the way, I think he is essential for some missions later in the game.
Higher level players (above level 25) almost always do the same according to our statistics.
Only snipers are much more popular.

So you may give him a try. A tip: skill the gunner on strength and endurance and he will be a living tank with immense firepower on the front, drawing all fire on him and soaking the damage with the best armors.

Best regards, Cliffhanger Support Team.
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Thanks, so I have to destroy my Gunner skills making him a tank and a shit in every other aspect (shooting, intercepting, 0 accuracy, etc).

Its the harder start for a newbie or someone who likes to play solo (only with his own merc).

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You don’t have to skill him this way. It was just a suggestion.
Playing only with one merc will be a pretty nice challenge, btw :)