[Dungeon Overlord] Official Solace Event: The Magnapocalypse

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Today, on behalf of the Magnum Suited, we withdraw from all prior treaties, accords, codes and arrangements with other alliances and non-allied barbarians of Solace. For too long, the Magnum Lords have pursued goals beyond the simple slaughtering of weak barbarians. However, it has recently come to our attention that slaughtering those who can’t pose an effective defense is, in fact, exactly what Night Owl Games intends us for us to do as players.

Who are we, as Magnum Suited, to deny the developers their desires? Let the slaughter of Solace begin.

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You don’t need to burn down the server, it’s dying already. Imagine that.

Players realize they get better deals on the other platforms, and you wonder why this one is empty.

8 free dungeons on kong, 10 on farcebook.

25 tiles per dungeon available for research on kong, 75 per dungeon on farcebook. I started here, but i’m playing there.

Savy? Hate facebook, but, why exactly do you think noone is here?
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Jason – i appreciate you sharing your opinion on which server you like best. However, your assumptions lack something, and are not generally what i would consider helpful.

Perhaps you should consider rendering your opinion on the servers you play on, not the one that you quit.

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I play on this server, and quit the other one in May last year, and I agree with Jason. For the player who spends a little, it’s better for them to play on facebook because they get extra tiles and more free dungeons, and it costs less to buy some things in the shop with whatever real money they want to spend. For the player who spends nothing at all, it’s still better for them to play on facebook. The only thing this server has going for it is the chat, but we even have a facebook chat to workaround the missing one on that server, so it’s still on par. This server also has massive imbalance compared to those who pay and those who don’t, that the other server, because of the shop prices and stonebinding not being nerfed, doesn’t have quite to the extent that this one does. Why do I play this one instead of the other one? Think the question really is, why do I play this game at all? I stay for the people… but as soon as I find another game that is as interesting, I’m outta here.

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And now, I really hope Kongregate support (that many of us K+ have resorted to contacting YET AGAIN to intervene with NoG) reads this thread. Meanwhile, please enjoy MS playing the game the way Harlan told us we were supposed to: by slaughtering newbies with weaker defense than our now-extremely-nerfed offensive powers.

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Jason, i apologize if i was overly harsh.

Gffg raises some good points, the other format does indeed favor no cash, or limited cash play. If anything, i wish they would find a way to make the new ruleset more enticing to players who do not wish to push their wallets to advance. I am certainly in favor of small advanatages to real money players, since that’s how NOG pays the bills for what i consider to be a fun game. But when the gap becomes too pronounced, i can see why there is a dropoff in population.