[Chronicles of Herenvale] Kill What You Start - Guild Rules

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Due to the length limits imposed by the game this seemed the best place to put the rules for my new guild

Join up here

If you accidentally break any of the rules post an explanatory note on the noteboard and contact the Guild Master

Why should I join this guild?
Because we understand that this is a game and games are for fun; so no level requirements and no quotas As we’ve been placing with some regularity on the Battles board a minor quota is proposed that each member needs to provide at least twice (2x) their character level in battles per week. This should be easily accomplished and keep out the negatives we’ve been seeing.

Why join a guild at all then?
Guilds are primarily for raiding and provide a structure compared to the free-for-all of public raiding – basically it’s a bit less frustrating.

What are the rules?
Nothing unpleasant.

Rule 1: The Raid Master shall get the Raid kill
The killer normally gets a nice shiny Platinum so that’s your reward for giving the guild something to fight. (Exceptions are Guild raids paid for from getting on the scoreboards – anyone can take the kill; or if for some reason the Raid Master can’t get it in time in which case they can open it up)

Rule 2: Raids will be kept inside the guild.
No sharing, no inviting – they don’t know the rules so they’re not going to follow them. If you don’t care about the rules either why did you join?

Rule 3: There will be no simultaneous raids of the same classification.
Raids are classified as High (IV-V) and Low (I-III) and then by type (Energy/Stamina). This keeps things focussed and gives both the higher levelled and lower levelled members something to fight without it being either a walkover or nigh-impossible.

Rule 4: Low Raids require 2 hours notice before being unleashed. High Raids require 24 hours.
We don’t want to stop people questing and there’s little more annoying than having someone drop a raid just after you’re used up all your energy/stamina in quests or battles. This way you get the chance to save some up ready.

Rule 5: It is the responsibility of new members to issue ally requests to existing members.
Seems obvious, but it doesn’t always happen. Raid damage is tied to the number of allies you have. Any non-maxed out member is an easy ally to make and the more damage you can do the better loot you may pick up.

Those are the rules as shall be enforced. Now here are some others, which would be just nice to keep

Guide 1: Once you hit the maximum loot tier stop attacking.
Yeah there’s a bonus for doing the most damage, but every 10k of extra damage you do means 10k another member can’t get towards maxing out their own loot tiers. Play nice and share.

Guide 2: Don’t battle other members
Sure it’s free XP (sometimes for both sides) but it messes up the guild stats and while we’re not actively demanding quotas there’s no point in hurting our chances at a place on the scoreboard.

Guide 3: Don’t battle anyone with a streak.
It just isn’t cool. If someone does it to you (and you know it’s definitely them) just PM them a message. They might not have noticed, you may make an ally or a new guild member out of it. At the least they may just pay attention in future and make everyone in the game a little happier and less sweary.

Guide 4: The noteboard is for announcements regarding raids or guild business.
Want to chat? Use the PM function.

Guide 5: Check the noteboard regularly.
Any problems post things there

Oh and finally:

Rule 0: The Guild Master can alter, add or rescind any of the rules or guides; or remove any member from the guild as they see fit.
Though they’ll be polite enough to discuss it first.

Okay not finally – just some notes on scroll usage:

Scrolls that use up one of the three slots:

Scrolls of Demon Fire give a fixed 10% extra damage over base (minus weapon bonuses). Best used with Berserking due to the averaging of damage dealt.
Scrolls of Poison do an average of 12 points extra damage. But only when attacking singularly. Each Berserk offers only a 20% chance of triggering a 600-3000 point bonus.
Scrolls of Black Ice do a fixed 10 points of damage. For characters with fewer allies/weapons this may be better than Demon Fire.
Scrolls of Proficiency gives an average of 0.2 XP per attack. Probably triggers as Poison. So Berserking will offer only a 20% chance of an extra 30XP. Barely worth it.

Scrolls that don’t use up a slot:

Scrolls of 1,000 Blades – poor title only does 100 points per attacker so a maximum of 15,000 points best used for whittling health or near the end of a raid.
Fire Ball – Fixed 25,000 points of damage – a nice finisher if you’ve not the energy or stamina.

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Goodness me, do tell: has anyone joined your guild? Anyone above, say, level 50?

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Of the 16 members 10 are over level 50, though if you used the link provided you will be able to see that for yourself. Any particular reason you ask?

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Originally posted by FlipusC:

Of the 16 members 10 are over level 50, though if you used the link provided you will be able to see that for yourself.

Thank you for the reply.

Any particular reason you ask?

A mixture of envy and admiration. I admire discipline, especially where raid summoning is concerned. Something I am never going to have myself.
Good luck.

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Well if you fancy joining… the benefit is having help in taking down the big guys with the knowledge you’re going to get the credit.

This was the reason I started the guild. I joined one and organisation was a little spotty. A few other members had left other guilds specifically because others were ‘stealing’ their raids and were looking for somewhere that wouldn’t happen. So rather than try to force my rules onto someone else’s guild I thought it the better option to start my own and set them out from the start. We’re still feeling our way around we’ve only been going for about a week now, but so far no complaints.

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I am not interested in joining, at least not until I’ve had a little experience with this game, but I am posting to wish you good luck. The rules are reasonable and respectable,and I am sure your guild will prosper. It would be nice to see a new guild rise to the leaderboards. :)

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Thanks. No pressure, but I will say raids are a good way of getting better equipment than that which can be acquired via questing alone. So I hope to see you as a member once you’re more familiar with the game.

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This is a good friendly guild; anyone out there looking to join a guild should check this one out…