[WarFlow] January 16 Improvements --Levy Event

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Events on:
1.Levy Event
2.Black Market Discount:
A. Black Market items purchasing 30% off;
B. Refresh and platinum refresh 30% off;
C. Change free refresh to 2 hours
3. Totem upgrade successful rate refresh 30% off
4. Mine war silver *3
Event Duration: Jan 16 maintenance to Jan 23 00:00 PST

Events off:
1. Fortune Wheel Ranking
2. Fortune Wheel chances cost 20% off and without VIP limit
3. Magic Rate 80%~100%
4. Forge gold cost 30% off
5. Valor Stand refresh mode 50% off
6. Unlock Soulception slot 30% off
7. Hero reincarnation 30% off

Levy Event

1. Levy Bonus
Normal Levy *1.3, Force Levy *1.8 and max Force Levy cost is 30 gold

2. Levy Ranking
Description: In the event duration, when dailylevies usedor total levies used reach a certain number, players will be given extra rewards.

Besides, each levy used counts 1 point in the Levy Rank. In the end of the event, the top 30 players of each merged server will be given wonderful rewards.

Daily Rewards:(Levies used counting reset at 05:00 every day)

Accumulative Rewards:

Note: After the 300, every time the accumulative levies used reach 100, players will receive 600,000 silver and 200 jewels; the limit of accumulative levies used is 3000.

Levy Ranking Rewards:
The levies used point stops counting on Jan 23, 00:00 server time (PST)
Rules of Ranking: Points>RP>Level>Time when attaining the points

PS: compensation for frequent server disconnection issue at time duration Jan 15, 13:00~14:30. Problem is gone.
code for all servers: wmjm, 300,000 silver and 2 MCU, expiration Jan 20, 12:00 PST.

Enjoy the events and thanks for your support!

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