[Chronicles of Blood] VP changes

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Thanks again for all feedback!

Things that have been changed lately from your feedback:

- Guilds are sorted by member count now per default. This should make it easier to find an active guild for new players.
- Blackbook button has been added to the search victims page
- New procs regarding the weak blooded status have been added.
- We have further increased the number of possible attacks per player and day in PvP to

> LVL40 < LVL60 = 8 (7 on FB)
> LVL60 < LVL80 = 10 (8 on FB)
> LVL80 < LVL100 = 11 (9 on FB)
> LVL100 = 12 (10 on FB)

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Additionally players above Level 60 get an additional VP when winning. This should make it easier for higher level players (where there are not too many equal level vamps) to gain VPs or to get into PvP if they haven’t so far. This increase might be temporarily until enough players have reached the cap but we will see. In the end all we want is that more people play PvP :-)

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Are those changes supposed to be active right now?

If so, I would like to report a bug about the number of possible attacks per player and day in PvP for level 100+

I do actually get the message “you already attacked this player 12 times in the last 24 hours and have to wait 23 hours 58 minutes to attack him/her again”

But when I actually count, I get this message after 10 fight, not 12!