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Hi all,

Here are all the items I’m willing to trade. If interested, please make me an offer in game. (name in game: z0b)

1 x Masamune
2 x Insidious
2 x Somber Avengers
2 x Wind farers
2 x Demonsbane

1 x Assassin’s choice
1 x Starry Kris

2 x Hildegardes

4 x Demonsworshippers
1 x Brutal spiked Flail

1 x Twilight
1 x Riviera
2 x Waterdancer
1 x Combination Striker

Other weapons:
1 x Seven seas Shield
2 x Ripienos
2 x Raging shurikens
2 x Golden Shurikens
4 x Forsaken

3 x Coats of light
1 x Evasive Armor
3 x Layered Armor
1 x Swift Bracers
1 x Fitted Gauntlets
1 x Spectacular Gauntlets
2 x Resistance Gloves
1 x Cloud Runners
1 x Lucky Shoes
3 x Siren’s top
1 x Tam O Shanter
1 x Ancient Helmet

Many wendigos, roche’s, yoshikos, Uldyne, Zelda’s, etc. (too lazy to list all of them)
Ring of Leaders
Amulet of light

is what I’m looking for:[/b]

Wind pendant x 2
Vest of Lies
Dragon Leather
Polemos Helm
Chronos Helm