[Mud and Blood 2] Stupid tips!

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When my game is almost end
Tip: “Hilter slam the table : Nein nein nein nein!”

When i go to and no tree map
Tip: Hide your injured and value man behind the cover like trees or rocks

When all of my officer is with sarge dead
Tip: Put your solider next to sarge to receive exp or to unpin him!

When my bunker got blown up by my ATs
Tip: Friendly fire- isn’t (OMG rage face! They are all trolling me)

When my tanks got blown up by Steilhandgranate
Tip: Tanks are invulnerable to normal bullets!

When flak38 comes out
Tip: Have you seen private ryan

When SDKfz 222 killed all my men in way 4
Tip: …. have a very slow rate of fire but accurate deadly (guess it)

When all of my dudes in the bunker got ignited
Tip: Fire spread!

Continue of epic moment below!

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Orderd my guys to the bunker when an airstrike came, they just stood their shooting and got blown to bits.
Tip:Think your soldiers are stupid? They must think your stupid too, that’s the beauty of the chain of command.

Tip: Leave your zooks in bunkers and let them out when you want them to engage targets.
Bunker gets blown up by a tank.

I got real lucky ._.