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Seizan’s thread was great, but it got bogged down, so I’m going to reinvigorate it and toss my own suggestions on here.

First: As far as the imbalance with guilds go, I definitely agree that there is an imbalance, but I’m not so sure there is a right way to fix it from a developer persepctive. The problem is that everyone is clumping into a few guilds, and it’s hampering the player base. When a guild get’s to the size of say RAD or 8-bit, it tends to grow exponentially, which creates a disparity, and if they start branching off, it just grows that much more. I personally don’t see a problem with this, guild growth is something that is going to happen regardless, and if there is a cap on players in a guild, naturally they’re going to branch off.
Also a guild is defined by it’s attitude towards the rest of the players in the game. If they’re going to be turd’s, then they’re just going to create resentment among the rest of the player base, and rather than mutual protection, they’re just going to get a mutual target on their back.
The larger guilds may have a huge advantage right now, but the easiest way to counter that is for some of the smaller guilds to come together and form alliances. There really isn’t any need for guilds to merge per se, you can ally with a guild and still retain independence. The easiest way to overcome the guild imbalance is for the players in the game to open up lines of communication with each other and ally with other guilds for mutual protection. If the smaller guilds are going to remain separate, then of course guilds like RAD are going to be able to throw their weight around.

Now that being said, I think sublinet needs to institute a system where a guild can be marked as an ally, so they’re not incidentally attacked by another in open world pvp. People tend to get butt hurt way out of proportion with the crime if they get jumped by another player, and this causes a significant amount of the fragmentation we see. If a guild can be marked as an ally, then it would alleviate a lot of this. We all know PVP in the open world tends to happen fast and be over fast. Rarely do you stop to check a targets guild, so I think SOMETHING needs to be done.

Second: There is a lot of room for expansion on the current guild system. There is a ton of potential there, and I think it could go a long way. The life buff is fantastic, but I think it’s just the tip of the ice berg. There should be something to a guild that enhances the PvE aspect of the game as well. Say after a Core get’s upgraded so much, you get the option to build a Boss Portal in your HQ for a couple million uranium. Make a boss appear occasionally that is based on the average level of the people in the guild. Say a once or twice a day frequency. Enough to make it worthwhile, but not enough to diminish the importance of the regular bosses. In addition, maybe make it upgradeable so that the boss drops more uranium or more resources etc. Don’t know the difficulty of implementing a system like that, but something along that vein would be great.

Another suggestion is maybe a resource creator that occasionally spits out resources in your guild HQ, at a frequency of one resource type per 15 minutes. Make it upgradeable, in the vein of lvl 1= 1 resource per bundle, lvl 2= 2 resources per bundle and so on and so forth, capped at like lvl 5. Everyone knows that gathering resources for your reactors is tedious as hell, especially if your not a trader, and I think that adding this would be a fantastic way to supplement that.

As it sits right now, the whole point of a guild is to have a (relatively) safe place to put your reactors, and I think that grossly under uses the potential of the guild system.

Third: Dropping onto turrets when you invade a guild is a HUGE pain in the butt. My suggestion for this is make a small safe zone (say 5×5) in a guild, then make that the spawn point. To prevent people from just running to the safe zone and letting their buffs cool off, put a 10 minute cap on being in a hostile guild. If you can’t raze someone’s guild to the ground in ten minutes, you didn’t bring enough firepower with you to begin with.

Thanks for reading, and comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I have a few problems with some of your suggestions, but your heart is in the right place. I do like the idea of a vein, maybe have it as a structure you attack for a lot of res, but in open world. I made a comment earlier that I hope sublinet reads but I’ll say it again here, guild members could have the option of filling others reactors. It would save everyone time and create a respectiful aura to guildmates thru helping each other, and you could fill reactors faster. 2 in 1. Also there’s a minor problem with making a safe zone in a guild, the guild could just build their defenses around that point so even if you left the safe zone you’d be in big trouble. I think that maybe the guild leader should be able to designate a spawn point for the guild members because it’s a pain to fly over to your reactors sometimes. There should be a formal alliance system that would allow the partner guild to freely inter/exit the other guilds hq, but it would be impossible to attack their building (stops backstabs). Also their should be a formal was system that makes it so the hostile guild members would be single click (bypassing safety mode) attacked like npcs as well as maybe dropping newbie protection for the opposing guild members (or atleast a 2-3 level margin) to make waring more intense/desperate for both sides (a war should be a very serious matter), both guild leaders would have to confirm alliances/wars. Also something completely unrelated to game mechanics but still a neat idea, a guild could have it’s own personal ship “paint scheme” or maybe add a building in the hq called something like “ship painter” for example, where the guild leader could use hq construction to buy more colors/patterns to make the guild more unique, but this feature could definitely wait.

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These ideas are great and I think will be able to help players stay longer in the game and help the lesser guilds. The only ideas I don’t think will work well are the safezones for obvious exploitation, 10 minute raids, and filling reactors for other players although I don’t 100% disagree with it I just feel like it defeats the purpose of some elements of the game but the comment was already responded too so no need for justification.

As for 10 minute raids, raids against a big guild would definitely take more than 10 minutes. Just try raiding the top 3 guilds for yourself and see. Even guilds with just 4k points would require more than 10 minutes. I think the problem with raids is that guilds are afraid to attack each other, the system could be improved more if guilds just attacked each other.

As for alliances I have mentioned it before and hopefully the system is implemented it will help smaller guilds band together and make wars more interesting. Although it’s not a big aspect, I think alliances should be default not be allowed to attack each other but can turn the option off to again make warring more interesting. Backstabs would make the game more fun and would make guilds have to think carefully about who to bring into their ranks.

I’ve been saying it for a while now all the players who hate RAD can team up (although I’m sure the hate is there because they feel like they can never catch up) against RAD. Form your alliances and do what needs to be done. It’s just a game feel free to do what you want.

Not relevant I feel like this post was a lot more direct and was less of a hate thread to the higher guilds compared to Seizan’s thread which was clearly a hate thread so of course the targets would get rowdy. People can make helpful suggestions to this game when they are more calm and I think Zeus is aware of that.

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Kid, I was on the rocks about the safe zone. I just feel that teleporting anywhere into the guild adds an element of chance into the equation, and I for one feel that guild raids should be calculated and planned out. If there was a way to implement a no build zone for defense within 10 squares (or whatever 1 screen is) of the safe zone, I think it would alleviate the issue. It definitely needs some fine tuning, which is why i threw it out there, hoping someone would think of something.
I think your right on the big guilds being afraid to attack each other. They really don’t have any competition, and RAD is so far out in front that they can’t feasibly be caught at this time. which basically leaves two and three, and the difference between the two rankings is negligible, so there is no point in going after each other. It doesn’t benefit either side. If there was some kind of incentive for attacking guilds, maybe a salvage thing where you get uranium from each destroyed enemy building, it would vastly improve the inter-guild game play.

NeverGonnaDie, I like the elaboration on the formal alliance. I will however politely disagree with your suggestions. Being able to freely enter an ally HQ is something I’m very much against. You don’t let your allies walk through your defenses even at the best of times. It is too easy for someone to just shoot a PM to an interested guild. Espionage and covert activities are a blast, but I really don’t think they have a place in this game specifically.
Also, if war is made more intense, it will just cement the problem we already have. If the stakes are higher, then people are even less likely to take a chance, and the bigger guilds can essentially use bully tactics to keep smaller guilds in check. It’ll just cement the current order, and will make smaller guilds even less likely to form alliances. As a small guild, would you want to ally to oppose RAD, 8-bit or another bigger guild if someone from those guilds who is higher level can happen along in the open world and stomp the hell out of you? I wouldn’t, and it would make GM’s even more conservative.
I like the alliance/war idea, but confirmation from both sides shouldn’t be needed for war. War isn’t a gentlemen’s game, and I wouldn’t want to give my enemy ANY advance notice that I was about to attack. Alliances definitely need confirmation, and I think that if a GM decides to break an alliance, there should be a 24 hour grace period before either guild can attack the other.
I disagree wholeheartedly with the filling other’s reactors as well. If you want to invest in your reactors and use them to gain uranium, they it should also be your responsibility to fill them. In addition, it won’t change anyway, because a lot of people log on just to fill reactors when they’re teching up, and sublinet wants that constant traffic to continue. I’m sure they receive something from Kong for every time someone clicks a link or ad that’s on the Nova Raider page, and less traffic=less clicks=less revenue.
The paint scheme is a cool idea, but unfortunately it won’t happen. At the end of the day, sublinet is a for-profit company, and some of their money comes from people purchasing stars for things such as unique paint schemes.

Thanks for the suggestions. I look forward to any more that are forthcoming.

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This is why I love these discussions, people make idea, point out the flaws and in turn create solutions. I don’t have any hard feeling. I didn’t think of the traffic aspect from the reactors but I did consider the spending stars on paint schemes, I knew it wouldn’t happen (for free at least) but I put the idea out there anyway. Also for the formal war system I suggests there are a few things I want to point out.

1) people do recon on hqs as it is, I’ve had the high guilds do it to me, I’ve had it done on other guilds as well, if you want to see what’s in a guild you could, in theory, just ask any newbie to do it and take screenshots. I haven’t done this specifically though but now that the idea is out I suppose it’s up to the NovaRaider world if they were to exploit it.

2) I whole heatedly agree with you on the aspect of war, I’m a strong believer that if you are to start a war, it’s total war. You dominate the enemy so totally they CAN NOT fight back, and if possible, not giving them the chance of doing so in the first place. I enjoy reading things on the topic and am currently re-reading Sun Tzu’s famous art of war and plan on moving to another book after. But this is irrelevant, the fact is this is just a game. This is a new concept to me as well, for where does it matter if it’s a real war or an online game war, should you not apply the same theoretical ideal? I have been proven wrong in this (by my real life brother coincidental), because in the in the fact prevails that everyone in the game want’s to have fun. And at the end of the day no one truly enjoys destroying someone’s game play experience (at least if they stop for a second and think “what if it was me.”) Anyway I’m rambling and have got off the point dramatically, if anyone truly wants me to elaborate further I’d be happy to do so, but I highly doubt it.

Anyway to sum it up, because it promotes “fair play” that’s why I suggested both guild leaders agree to a war is because if one guild start’s a war with the perk of being able to koa people lower levels than them and the other guild doesn’t then they have a distinctive advantage. If only for a short time. Simple solution? Certainly. If one guild starts a war with the other, the other guild automatically get’s their “war switch” flipped as well

3) Perhaps there could be some restrictions on when and where allied guilds could enter the hq, maybe make it only when their friendly guild is being invaded, maybe make all the allied guild buildings invisible?

4) New suggestion: reading over the suggestions everyone want’s some incentive to make attacking other guilds worth it. What I propose has the obvious people of the top guild’s exploiting it and some system would need to be implemented to prevent this, I have not good ideas right now other than the agree to war system, in which case it would just be disabled until the “war” was approved by both sides. The idea is, every building destroyed in a raid by one guild would be turned into profit into some sort of guild “raid fund” to be put into hq or capacity upgrades by the gm. Let’s say guild BIG MOFO bullies around guild HUNGRY KITTENS (example names) by low hp sniping all the kittens poor traders for no reason. They start a war and HK initiates a preemptive strike. For example, let’s say a defense building costs 1000 uranium. HK wades through the intense pvp from BMOFO (turns out they wheren’t so big in a fair 1v1) and get to the Building and destroy it. The guild leader get’s a pm saying “enemy building xxxx destroyed, 625 uri deposited into ‘war bank.’”

I’ve said way to much as it is and will end it here

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You already get uranium for each destroyed building, that’s what the percentage in the guild ranking stands for, how much of the cost of the building you get if you destroy it.

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oh I see

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Seizan’s thread was great

Ego boost: over 9000. :D