[RichState] Seize the Precious Resource in Cross-server Territory Race!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Jan. 17, 2013 PST.

A new Territory Area has been opened, where you can team up, combat with drivers from other servers, and occupy the resourceful stronghold to get Building Bricks.

The Cross-server Territory Race will be unlocked after your main vehicle reaches Lv70.

Click “Cross-server Territory Race” in the map on the right side of the “Car” interface.

Team Building
1. A team can hold up to 5 members. All the members should be of the same server.

2. The first driver who creates the team is the team leader as default. Only team leader has the right to remove members and dissolve the team. If he/she quits, the team will be dissolved automatically.

3. Team leader can pick high-level drivers for the team by setting the entry criteria on car level and race score.

4. Team leader can adjust the starting order of the members before the combat.

Race Rules
1. To participate in the Cross-server Territory Race, a team is required to have at least 1 member. All the members should be in Ready state to start a combat.

2. There are 4 levels of the Territory. The higher the level, the more resource you can get.

a. The resource will not be delivered to you during the occupation. It accumulates every minute and will be sent when you leave the territory.
b. After the resource dries out, there is a 60-minute CD before the refreshment. During the CD, you can occupy the territory but get no resource.

3. Each team can occupy only 1 territory at the same time. You need to abandon the current territory if you want to occupy another one.

4. To occupy a territory, your team must defeat the NPC or the occupant. If win, your team can occupy the territory and get the rest of the resources; if lose, the team will not be dissolved, you can still trying to seize other territories.

5. As the occupant, if you are defeated by other team or the resource dries out, your team will be forced to leave the territory and dissolved automatically by system.

Richstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Richstate Team
January 17, 2013

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