[Lost Magic] Server merge issues.

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Hello, everyone…

This comes from a currently highest level player in LM.

Well… Yeah, you read it right… despite it being enjoyable to some extent, I’m basically fed up with the view of developers towards our EN speaking community.

They DO NOT CARE about us.

RU version today received a 5th update, that we don’t have yet. (In the span of … from last update). The updates involved new content, items, gifts, parties and etc, basically they we’re fun…

http://www.lostmagic.ru/forum/2/15088/ <- this is a thread I started on their official site (don’t worry, thread is in english), and the response I got basically was the developers admitting their incompetence in handling multilingual games.

They promised they would pay attention to EN servers soon (early January), and halve a month in … RU server – ANOTHER CONTENT UPDATE, EN server – middle finger.

I’m really fed up. I spent quite a sum on the game, encouraging what seemed to be a neatly designed game… However after seeing that it’s actually only a way to extract extra cash from people (refering to insane prices in shop), and that they’re not even supporting it anymore… I’m done.

So, I kind of urge everyone to NOT SPEND a dime on the game, not at least we start getting the same respect as RU servers. Heck, even then the developers have A LOT of apologies to do.

tldr – developers don’t seem to care about the EN server, spend your money and time elsewhere

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Hey GT! You actually somewhat right, but keep reading please.
It was me who answered your topic @ russian server.
So the thing is, kong release didn’t go that well because of a few reasons and we developres had no control of some. To fix that once and for all next monday (or tuesday, not sure of the time zone differense) we will be merging russian and kong server so you kong players will play in english but surrounded by russians. We will make sure russian players are aware of that and stay as helpful and friendly as possible.

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For the upcoming merge of Kong and Ru servers the game will be closed for a couple of hours at 1 AM (CST) on Wednesday, January 30

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Let’s see how it will go…
I’m not exactly positive about the future, but it all might just change :)

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.org players are playing in RU, not EN
Belt contents – destroyed.
EN server auctions – destroyed.
Jewelcrafting recipes – destroyed.
Auction house items in RU
Location images in RU, not localized

No official announcement on .ru …
Not a single new content translated, everything in RU.
Achievement messages in receiving player’s language.
Library entries in RU. Missing pictures…

All in all… yeaaaaaaaaaah… alot of things to fix…

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TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at ui.playerinfo::PlayerData/serverContentHandler()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
at server::Server/dispatch()
at server::Server/incomingData()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete()

after moving from Bastion to Nesse with energy, and I’m fucked. Can’t do anything…
The location image doesn’t load, and the list doesn’t pop up…

{"type":“content”,“action”:“locationstatus”,“error”:“invalid location”}

Resolved Seems to be working now.

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We are currently working hard and tirelessly to make it allright. Here’s what’s going on recently…

Newly added items to the Auction House should work and display correctly.
Location images have been translated.
Jewellery recipes have been recovered.
Library and Events’ images have been fixed.
Characters’ ‘Extra’ parameters’ names have been translated.

Chat Achievement notifications in wrong language are currently being fixed.
Wrong language in mail letters is also being fixed.

Please reequip belt items for them to work correctly.

We are sorry for any current inconsistencies, but don’t you worry, everything will be fine.

Thank you.

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Not sure if it’s only me, but many locations i can’t to.
In FD can’t get into wardrobe, in mountains can’t enter the tunnels.
I see the entrance and the list is there, but it’s just not working

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this may be unrelated but i stopped before the merge because of the ridiculously small amount of people playing, I just came back and it looks like everyone in my guild quit during the merge, even the people who were Russian (I’m in the black hand btw), so I was wondering if ownership could be transferred to me cause I found a dude who wanted to join so it looks like I’m gonna start playing again with the larger pop, but since everybody in my guild left the dude I recruited can’t be ranked up and the people who quit can’t be removed, if you could transfer ownership to me I would greatly appreciate it, once again my guild is the black hand, my IGN is neo, thank you for your time.