[Jagged Alliance Online] Weapon choices for a Gunner class

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The Machine Gun seems the best weapon for the Gunner so i will max it at 70 at least.

The Shotgun is the “predefined” 2nd weapon but its a shit, 1-2 shots and you need to reload, also very short range, low accuracy and moderate-high AP cost…

So what I saw useful as a 2nd weapon is a Rifle or Assault Rifle, they are similar weapons with a decent range, very good accuracy, low AP cost (compared with the Machine Gun) and a moderate damage to finish off some enemies, probably will work fine in a duo party of Gunner+Sniper, but in a party of 4 mercs I think that the Gunner will really need a short range weapon with low AP cost and decent damage, so I think that the Sub Machine will be much better than the Shotgun.