[Ninja Warz] Facebook Vs Kongregate

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There has been a huge difference in the development of the game in this two different particular platform.

There has been some much improvements and more new things introduced there and yet the game here seems to be very empty.

The gifts are not completed.
Achievements are not entirely the same.
There has been a kind of ’Sensei" in FB Games.

There are so much more things in Fb that is much mroe interesting than this version of Ninja Warz in Kongregate.

Hope more improvements can be made.

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In my opinion Kongregate players have been used almost as a Beta for Ninja Warz. I am lvl 57 on Kongregate, and invested real $$ in buying Karma. This investment boosted me in the game and allowed me to spend Karma on relics and weapons as well as training
Having a successful game on FB is, in my opinion, a very profitable prospect to a developer in this age where the world at large is discovering gaming of all types. Ninja Warz is an addictive game…oozing gameplay and I was looking foward to using knowledge gained from Kongregate to do well on FB, and for a while, I did.
Only thing…I don’t have that same urge to win at all costs that drove me to buy Kreds and my F/B game has stalled around lvl 15 where i can beat the bot clans but very few humans who nearly all have 6 relic slots full. Exp seems to take longer to accumulate and healing costs 1/3 or more of money won, slowing cashflow.
The gift section is up and running…Kongregate has had it “coming soon” as long as I have been playing.
And finally…there is an achievement on FB worth 15 Karma just to prove you have a credit card or a valid PayPal account. That one “achievement” demonstrates to me whats it’s about, and good luck to them. It’s a damn good game and if they can become the next “Angry Birds”, more power to them.
But I’ll be sticking to Kongregate…a real gaming site for real gamers. Newgrounds,Kongregate, similar sites, and the developers who keep us entertained with their endless creativity are bringing the fun of gaming to the whole world.