[Iron Grip: Marauders] Rookie Rumble Tournament

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Get ready to rumble! We’ve arranged a tournament for our young, promising captains. Everyone between level 6 and 12 can now sign up for the Rookie Rumble Tournament. Do you want to show the world what you’ve got?

If you want some tips on how to win a tournament you should ask LordZombie or Entony. They are now competing in the final of the League of Masters tournament.

The tournament starts on January 24 and depending on how many people sign up, will be four or five rounds. Each contestant will get a pool of unit to be used during the tournament.

The rules
Players of level 6 to 12 can enter;
Entrance fee is 2 gems;
The tournament will start on January 24;
Each player gets a fixed pool of units.

1st Black Box
2nd Tournament Triplex
3rd 10.000 gold
4th 5000 iron

The pool of units
1 Ambulance lvl 2
2 Assault Archos lvl 3
4 Bazooka lvl 4
2 Bethes Canon lvl 2
4 HMGunner lvl 2
4 Militia lvl 4
4 Mounted Bomber lvl 3
1 Propaganda Truck lvl 1
1 Repair Truck lvl 2
2 Savar Tank lvl 3
2 Tank Destroyer lvl 1
4 Trooper lvl 3
2 Wheel of Doom lvl 2