[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.72.12 Release Notes

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  • Notifications: you should get a Kongregate app notification if attacked
  • New laboratory : Easier to check the state of your units, the ones to unlock and their different levels.
  • New laboratory : Now you can instant upgrade more than 1 level with a single click if you meet the conditions.
  • Quick attacks : Target spotter challenges you to attack unknown players, without allowing you to spy their planet before.
  • Now you won’t be able to leave an alliance during an alliance war.
  • The Smasher Squad loading screen is back.
  • Attacking Reptice doesn’t require minerals anymore.


  • Security improvements related to block the change of blast radius with cheats.
  • To recycle certain level 11 turrets caused an error message under some circumstances.
  • Some player info shown in Target Spotter wasn’t correct under some circumstances.
  • There was a color issue when an alliance tab was selected.
  • Fixed an issue when cancelling the colonization of a planet in the last moment.
  • Mistery gift now has the proper description in the social wall menu.
  • Friend popup alignment is now correct.
  • Big blue button in instant unlock unit popup said “start upgrading” instead of “start activating”.
  • Amount of minerals was increased while attacking other users under some circumstances.
  • IE8 : Now you can share a wall post in the application properly.
  • IE8 : Now it loads game header and footer properly.
  • IE8 : Now the payment works properly, it had issues under some circumstances.
  • IE8 : Invite page didn’t load and browser security warnings were observed under some circumstances.
  • Invite dialog after tutorial didn’t close properly
  • Some obstacles in white planets weren’t able to be selected properly under some circumstances.
  • Fixed some popup overlapping.
  • Fixed a bug with a text of the button in the popup that appears when you’re being attacked.