[Dungeon Overlord] What is the future of DO?

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I’ve never commented in the forums before, yet I have been around the game for about 2 months now. I spent a few Kreds early on because I saw some potential in the game, and thought the early purchase would prove worthwhile.

NightOwl Pellets, Harlan, the way that your company has managed this server is an absolute deterrent for me to spend any more of my hard earned money on the game. NOG demonstrates instability, poor communication, and no clarity of vision for the future of Dungeon Overlord. That in turn is scaring off investment.

Please tell me what, if anything, would merit continued investment of my time or money? The player base is rapidly shrinking. I’m losing friends left and right. The game content and allure is deteriorating. Simply put, the game seems to be dying on Kongregate.

What is the future of Dungeon Overlord? Are you just milking every dollar you can until the server simply does die? Or is there some sort of hope for the future of this game?

Frankly, I can’t see one right now.

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The biggest thing we are working on right now is the Advanced Player-Combat system and Campaign game that will be part of the upcoming Lord of the Underworld update. You can see the details on that update here With an updated outline sometime next week.

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I’m fully aware of the Advanced Player Combat update, as well as the fact that inactive players are a part of the game economy. Are you telling me that you expect this update to reverse the course that your game has taken?

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There is Plenty NOG could have done or be doing apart from APC to make this game better

Fixng the leather raiding boost and the Mountain Bonus for increased loot that instead of benifiting you screw you over, try playing the game most players dont need more leather once they hit T2’s especially at the cost of the rarer resources.

Address the fact that forever active player there is @ least 30 inactives

Implement some of the suggestions players have made to make the game more player friendly

I could go on, I dont believe the APC combat update will do anything to address the issues this server has,@ present i feel like many others – gutted that i wasted cash for DM on a game thats basically dead already

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Well… Congratulations NoG. You just lost yet another customer because you couldn’t even attempt to provide me a straight answer in a timely manner. Listing future updates was NOT a proper response to any of my questions.

MS… I hope you burn this server down. Oh wait, then they might just create a new one for the APC… apparently that’s another solution to circumvent the player base on Kongregate as well.

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Originally posted by mikloski:

MS… I hope you burn this server down.

Working on it. If you’re quitting, please send all your kegs to Sharkhunter. We’re going to break the world record for food storage.

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way too many quitting…

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for the last two weeks, I have been having issues logging into my dungeons. I can do most of what I’d like to from the overworld and using the ledger, but when it’s a new dungeon in which you’d like to build something, it gets somewhat tedious to just see the loading screen. In one case I released the dungeon and retook it to be able to access it, but I’m really getting fed up with it. Issues with the game? You say they’re fixed now? Hardly.

Couple this with the current taskmaster bug that’s also affecting me… not at all impressed.