[Wings of Destiny] Slow leveling 35-40 (suggestions+general suggestions)

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Really need more quests/repeatable quests or have monsters give better exp.
Also more chain quests with decent rewards would be good.
I’m only getting ~60xp per monster with a 10%xp bonus, with 568k xp needed for lvl 36-37 and daily quests giving crap xp/having completed all daily quests I can, levelling is extremely slow and tedious.

I strongly suggest monsters giving way more xp per kill, thus making the 5 dungeons u can do per day more rewarding in that respect and making farming mobs for xp way more worthwhile. I believe doing this would increase the average number of players online aswell, making team finding much easier and making the game more popular in general.

I also suggest adding some chain quest (most likely ending in a boss fight), chain quests are a great source of xp and are fun in general because you know the end reward will be good, be it a large sum of xp or a decent item (or both).

More non-chain quests would be good too, like quests to kill 20x monsters or gather items. Definitely think there should be daily quests for dungeons including a ‘complete x dungeon 5 times’ quest with good xp reward.

I also think adding unlimited repeatable dungeons/instances (with improved xp) would be great, however I realise this would infringe on the limited dungeons, so perhaps purposely make them for xp grinding with no other rewards? – Or just allow people to unlock unlimited attempts at the current dungeons via quests/cash/coins/vouchers?

Can’t think of anything else right now but definitely need to make levelling more fun/comfortable instead of having to do boring farming of mobs, just makes people burnt out and feel like finding a new game.

Hope you consider these atleast.

I guess my main suggestion is just to make levelling easier in whatever way possible, make things more accessible and give more freedom. Perhaps you could offer things like unlimited dungeon attempts as part of rewards from a membership subscription type thing like many other games?
I’d also love to see more interactions between players via chat/multiplayer dungeons or whatever, nobody talks at all on this game for some reason… makes it feel like a single player game.

This is a good game but I feel it could be a million times better if the cash system was removed and exchanged for a membership subscription instead (which would make some things unlimited, unlock certain things etc. (you could actually keep the cash system in place, if the membership plan gives say, 50 cash/day or something.)) – my main point here is that not everyone can afford to buy the cash currency and even if they do it isn’t even that worthwhile.. $5 worth gets you nothing (most game subscriptions are $5-10 for a month with greatly increased gaming experience). Of course I realise you want to make a lot of profit, but you would do this anyway if instead of a few people paying lots for the cash currency you had lots of people paying $8 monthly subscriptions or w/e.

I also feel it’s unfair that when we run out of elixirs and have no vouchers we have to buy cash to get more (assuming we’ve done everything else for them).

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Thank you for sharing us your review and suggestion about Wings of Destiny. Rest assured we will note and do our very best to improve the game.
Wings of Destiny has a lot more to offer for you, just stay tune.

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Just thought I’d add something;
To put it into perspective, on a game like WoW if you have to gain 1m xp for a lvl u would get over 400xp per kill, probably higher (been a long time since I played WoW so can’t remember exactly).

Also, the STAR system seems far too expensive, it’s like $20 just to get to STAR 3.
Some items in the mall also seem overpriced, for example Mount Catalyst is 50 Cash, $5 gets u 300 cash so it works out at $0.83 per mount catalyst which for a small part of a game seems far too expensive.

Some other stuff;
When you disconnect you automatically leave most events which makes it quite frustrating if you disconnect in something you can only do a limited times/day, any chance of changing this so you can reconnect and still be inside?
I think coins are hugely de-valued atm as well, perhaps this is on purpose so people are influenced to buy Cash?

I guess I’m wasting my time in reference to the Cash system but it seems kinda unfair that people can just pay loads and refresh dailys to 5-star, get the best gems, auto-complete etc. but I really feel you should consider displacing it in some way and exchanging it with a membership subscription type thing instead.

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We apprieciate all your comments and suggestions about Wings of Destiny.
It is nice to here from player about their insight about the game and how
we may improve it.

For your opinion about coins and cash, we will forward it to the developers
for review.

Thank you again.