[Wasteland Empires] GUI Guide (locked)

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1. Avatar Image
2. Player Name
3. Reputation Level
4. Reputation Points
5. Experience Bar
6. Experience Level
7. Protection timer
8. Current gold coins
9. Add more gold coins
10. Current army count, mouse over for max. army size, click to view army
11. Max. Housing
12. Max. Food
13. Max. water
14. Population
15. Toggle music on/off
16. Toggle sound effects on/off
17. Toggle full screen on/off
18. Avaliable population
19. Avaliable bio resource
20. Avaliable min resource
21. Avaliable mech resource
22. Buildings menu, click to select new buildings, buy protection, decorations etc
23. Research menu, click to bring up town hall to set research projects
24. Message Center, click to bring up radio tower to send or read messages
25. War Room, click to bring up clan building to join or view clan
26. Scrapyard, click to bring up scrapyard to assemble units, buildings, traps, etc
27. Barracks, click to bring up barracks to train troops
28a. Scroll single friend left
28b. Scroll single friend right
29a. Scroll 6 friends left
29b. Scroll 6 friends right
30. Invite friends to play
31. Friends Avatar, mouse over to send gift from their wishlist
32. Inventory, click to bring up inventory
33. Journal, click to bring up story quests
34. Toggle move mode on/off
35. Toggle footprint mode on/off
36. Map, click to view territority
37. Current projects, click +/- to expand/collapse

Direct image link: http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb428/TheHellKat/guide.gif

Courtesy of Robert Butcher! Much appreciated!