[Nova Raider] EXP out of control

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honestly, just how fast do you want ppl to get to lvl 50

this has got to be slowed down or controled somehow
always gaining EXP from everything you do and never any risk of losing any of it

all we are going to end up with is an army of players in G6 and G7 with nothing better to do than sit there and look at eachother while waiting for research to tick by so they can get out of their lvl 38 equipment or worse

this isnt a good thing, there needs to be EXP risk and it needs to happen soon

if ppl dont stop earning 25k exp a day in under an hour before their even think about what their doing they are gunna be lvl 50 in no time and only logging in to update research cuz they cant play

sorry ppl but we need EXP loss, we have everything else loss risk and EXP MUST join them

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i have not put this into the suggestions thread because i dont want that topic to be taken over with any arguements that this could and likely will cause

ok now i have had my rage let me explain how this should be done

if you die defending your guild HQ or attacking another HQ you should be 100% safe from exp loss, to have exp loss in either attacking or defending HQ’s would ruin everything about raiding so just leave it alone

arena fighting has it’s own points systems and it should be used to earn and lose those points only
i personally think that you should not gain EXP in arena fights either but if people want it then so be it
earning uranium by arena fighting is perfectly fine

ok that deals with where EXP should not be lost, as for everything else this is what needs to be done
every time you die on normal or boss maps you should lose either 5% of the EXP you have towards your current level or 1% of the total EXP needed for the whole level, pick either one of them or use both and have the lesser of the 2 effective depending on current EXP BUT NEVER ALLOW A LEVEL DOWN

so everyone thinks i have gone mad at this point, i havent, i just see where the current EXP trend is leading and it will not be a good place to be at all, charater lvl 50 is basicly meaningless without techs to support it and if the players are able to level up to the max in a month they will do just that, but know this you can not do 4 months of research in 1 month, being 3 months behind would make your choice of ship and equipment so weak that you would find it very hard to cope with any task you try to take on

a risk of losing some EXP if your are playing outside your power range isnt really going to stop anybody from carrying on how they are right now but losing EXP to a few deaths will slow their leveling a little bit so their research would have a chance to catch up while they are still able to pay for it

if you dont like this way to dealing with EXP loss feel free to come up with another one but i very strongly feel that exp loss is needed in this game to the point where the game itself may even be doomed to fail without it, that is a very worst case but if ppl get to lvl 50 and have nothing else to do but wait for their research to catch up they’ll lose intrest fast

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I agree with you. Being an ex diablo 2 player and other games that include exp loss as a penalty, I can tell you how losing exp actually enhances game play, trust me you did NOT want to die in d2 game you could’ve lost 5-6 weeks of exp (also there was a mode in d2 where dieing meant you had to start over from zero). For one it gives you a reason not to just die all the time and not care. Second it adds a sense of thrill the harder the game gets. Maybe it’s just me but the more that’s at stake the more interesting it is for me. Or maybe I’m crazy too. Other than those it’s exactly as trillion said, exp needs to be harder to obtain and you need a reason to keep it.

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the exp actually forces you to focus in 1 area and 1 ship. if you plan to get all best weapons and defenses all the time u are lookin at a huuuge research times. whereas if u specialize say in support and healing or trader and speed or raider and damage or tank and defense, you will be able to keep up with your lvl. i made this mistake a bit by tryin to research everything. well, it simply wont work. u need to prioritize what u really need.

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Preach it sister.

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We boosted exp as an answer to part of the criticism the game was getting. Grinding isn’t fun for everyone, so we added the possibility to level up by playing PvP.

We will be adding several PvP features to the late game and we wish to add longevity to the game through PvP games modes.
1. Inter-server wars: Server vs server game mode based on a dominion-like (cf. LoL) map.
2. Tournaments: 1v1 or Team based tournaments
3. Several games modes: Capture the flag, Protect the vip etc.

As well as late game PvE events: temporary galaxies with greater boss challenges to do in groups, server vs IA etc.

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i really do hope there will be things to do once a lot of ppl start clustering in G7 as i see it getting very crowded in there, since we are all going there weather we like it or not i’ll stop my slow leveling up and get there with everyone else, i really do hope i have something to do once there tho

i do still think zero risk to EXP is a bad idea but its not my game

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I like this “xp for everything” idea. The faster people reach final level, the better, since that’s when endgame (a.k.a. fun) starts.
You don’t like crowded G6? And who are you and when did you get there? I was 2nd player to enter G6, so I know better than anyone else: playing in empty galaxy is not fun. Try getting from lvl 34 to 35 under old rules with non-trader and then we will talk. Before I quit I used to hang out in G2/G3 showing off my Santa Ripper and just flying around, because it was more fun than shooting same mobs all by myself. Not to mention that once everyone is at lvl 50, cowards (mostly RAD, but also few others) won’t be able to use level as excuse for running away from 1vs1 PvP. Once everyone has maxed ship, only your skill at selecting proper equips vs proper opponent will matter.
People don’t want to grind, they want to play game with all aspects it has to offer.

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XP loss…I HATE it as a penalty to getting gangbanged in PK, or by a player who’s had a lot more time to level up tech/character skills/whatever the game calls it, and just hangs out at the respawn points, nailing noobs. (See RUS, 8Bit, etc)
Now, as a game mechanic, for dying to PvE… yes. I FULLY agree there should be some penalty other than a bit of resource loss, slow down the leveling, stop people from constantly going into higher zones and kill stealing for the easy XP/levelup on stuff that will normally open them a new one.
TBH, I’m one of those who’ve leveled up a LOT faster than I wanted to… (My research is FAR behind what I want it to be)
I’d almost even ask for a toggle to DISABLE exp gain. (Maybe have it reset on relog, in case you forget about it, but, have a visual clue to you ie: red glow on ship?)
I’ve played other games where the put in the “easy button”… It gets tiresome fairly quickly (and, for some dumb reason, attracts more bots)

I know it’s a REAL pain to balance the game, to make it fun, and minimize the grind. (another game I’m playing, I get about 1% xp per week.. on a GOOD week, now.. and that’s with the “easy button” enabled.. I tend to take the safe quests, not leave safe area… Slow, but steady Log in about 5 hrs/week to do so… Just lost a lot of interest in that game due to MASSIVE imbalances, bot, cheats, etc… meh..)

Now, on the other hand.. when I was forced to move up into G4/G5 area… Just logging in, I’d be whacked within about 5 seconds… it was VERY difficult to keep equipped/armed/healed. the “easy” critters were a good match, but, 2-3 on one = death. That would pretty much keep a player suppressed for a good while as (s)he researches up to level, tho, cashflow may be an issue for getting said research done.