[Kingdoms CCG] What Rotating Arena needs

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tl;dr version:

Rotating arena is pretty useless unless you get into top 10, doing that is nearly impossible without having spent loads of gems
=> most players only do a max of 5 battles, collect the 1.5k and leave
Suggestion: fix that issue by giving out rewards in a different way, reward players who actually play a lot

For those interested enough to read on:

I got a little problem with rotating arena, would be nice if DEVs answer to this…

The thing with rotating as it is now is that 90% of all players are not encouraged to participate at all. Yeah, you get gold for reaching top 50%, I do that every time. But the thing is, I join, I do a max of 2-3 battles until I am t50, then I stop. Why? Because to get into the top 10 spots, you have to have an insanely strong deck/lots of time/both.

Take t2 standard for example. Since the heros aren´t that incredibly important here as in normal standard arena, in most cases the player with the better cards wins. I actually made it to rank 10 today, but since there were still 30 hours left I wanted to gain a little more so I dont lose the spot again.
Then suddenly, BOOM, here comes mister walletman. Plays Belnir, uses cards that dont fit together at all, but nonetheless kicks my ass 3 times in a row because every 2nd card in his deck is an epic…and the rest are the most wanted rares in the game.

THAT JUST S U C K S. If you want more than 20 players to actually enjoy rotating arena, give rewards out in a different way. I dont want to win 1 battle and then dont look at rotating for the next 50 hours or so just to come back and collect my 1.5k gold.
Make it worth playing in that arena even if you didnt spend a lot of real money on this game/play since it was published for 10 hrs/day.

Like it is now, the guys winning the gems are exactly those that already have the best cards anyway, making the gap between new players and veterans grow wider and wider.

So what do I suggest?
In order to make it more rewarding to actually play a lot in rotating, I feel like the rewards should be given out something like this:

As it is now: How I feel it should be for more participation:
Number 1: 30 gems Number 1: 30 gems
Number 2: 25 gems Number 2-5: 15 gems
Number 3: 20 gems Number 6-10: 5 gems
Number 4&5: 10 gems Top 10*%: 3.000 gold
Number 6-10: 5 gems Top 25
%: 1.500 gold
Top 50
%*: 500 gold

Apart from those fix rewards, I feel like it could be a good idea to give out crafting stuff to players. Would be a nice thing imo, because right now, I feel like most of the players simply dont do rotating at all or only until they reached t50%, so they just do some few matches…boring.
For essences (we all lack those for crafting, tons of stones but nothing to use them with), maybe use a formula like this:

with n=number of battles, w=won battles and c= factor that DEVs would have to choose depending on how much they want to give out. Probably there should be a cap, for example a maximum of 20 essences possible.
Example calculation:
I did 23 battles
I won 14 of those
c = 0,5
23×0,37×0,5 = 4 essences (rounded down)

I suck at math, so I guess the formula is pretty horrible and would lead to unbalanced stuff, someone with more skill should do that XD
Anyway, you get the idea. If you only lose (i.e. because you play one of the now common suicide decks), you gain nothing, so no exploiting is possible.