Sell Chests... What is your opinion?

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My opinion is that chests should be sold, because keys are very expensive…

So I suggest this form:
– 12k for a Legendary;
– 2k for a Rare;
– 400 for an Uncommon;
– 100 for a Common.

I think this would be more reasonable, not so high (for the levels) and not so low.

What is your opinion, and what do you suggest?
Do you agree?

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I think people can stop with the “chest should be sellable” thing because it’s not really thought through.
chests are easy to come across while the money to open them takes a while (too long you all tend to think) to farm.

This game aint much of a “gear check” get an uncommon mainweapon every now and then and grats you smoothly sailed to lvl 100. 4k coins aint hard to come by. 125k for legendaries sure is absurd but hey what else are you going to do? rares at 20k seing how good they are compared to legendaries it’s a great price !

My biggest concern – how money is farmed – currently pkb (perhaps also vh) is by far the best option out there, making coinfarm a very repetitive thing to do. Well over 100 runs in pkb for 1 legendary is where the fun is crushed for me.

About the saleprices you post – you know it wont happen. Run any 1 fl in gh and get 1k from the run. The average money per run added from chests would be 4k I’d say. Rares aint rare and legendaries are often seen. 1 run going from 1k coins to 5k. Yes your model would take away pkb as a good farm spot but it would give every lvl 100 character the best weapons available in a week.

Yeah cute idea but I belive selling chests would break the game completly.

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I have not reached grindhouse yet, and yet I have a full page of gold chests and I’ve long since lost count of how many blues and browns I’ve thrown away.

your model would take away pkb as a good farm spot but it would give every
lvl 100 character the best weapons available in a week.

I hesitate to say so…but the solution might be change the boss chests drops. Make “first time” rookie league boss kills drops common, gladiator league drop uncommon, and champion league drop rare. As it is, we end up swimming in chests we can’t open.

At the same time though…I suspect the piles of chests we’re buried in but can’t open is deliberate. The devs are, after all, hoping that players will buy gems.

Semi-related: devs, if you’re reading this…personally there’s no way I would ever pay for keys simply because chests so rarely drop anything useful. I typically have to open 5-6 chests to get a single item worth keeping. And I imagine that ratio will only get worse with time. Imagine if real life stores worked the way chests do. You want a sandwich so you go to the grocery store and buy a sealed, unlabeled container. You take it home to open it and it has laundry detergent. So you go back and buy another box. It has napkins.

Would you go back and buy more boxes from that store? Of course not. Why do you expect your players to?

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IMO, common: 100 , uncommon: 150 , rare 200 , legendary: 1000

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Nice analogy, but I think that the idea of the chests is that they are there to be ransacked, so you don’t know what is inside them… But I agree about buying (with real money) keys is madness, because you will never know what could appear and you are right about saying that many times doesn’t come what we expect to come.

Your suggestion is very good, but I don’t know if the developers could change the drops… because I don’t know how difficult is the source code of the game…

If they could I would suggest this form:
– In the “Rookie League”:        come around 90% of Common chests and 10% of Uncommon;
– In the “Gladiator League”:     70% Common, 28% of Uncommon, 2% Rare;
– In the “Champion League”:    50% Common, 45% of Uncommon, 5% Rare;
– In the “GrindHouse”:             30% Common, 50% Uncommon, 18% Rare, 2% Legendary;
– In the other that is coming:   25% Common, 40% of Uncommon, 30% Rare, 5% Legendary;

I agree with you in some points, but something has to be changed…
Ok, the prices of the Rare and Legendary chests I suggest are high, so please, what price would you suggest for each one?

Rare: 1k / 500 / …?
Legendary: 5k / 2.5k / …?

If no one, what other way would you suggest? Because in the way it is the game ends up being boring and repetitive.
Don’t you think?

Originally posted by goodknife:

IMO, common: 100 , uncommon: 150 , rare 200 , legendary: 1000

What?!?!?! hahaha!
200 in rare and 1k in legendary is too low… don’t you think?
(and uncommon a little bit low too, but acceptable)

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Really nice what (s)he said (in other forum)…

Originally posted by metalklok:

\i would like to suggest more gold from dungeons/

Im in the first stages of the grind house map and still i don’t get that much gold, the best stage so far to get gold
would be Dark Barrows Boss on Champion League 1200 gold per run also i timed myself (lv42 chef) in a group of
four around the same level doing one run of dark barrows boss and it was 1:54 so i will just round it to 2 minutes
per run so let me start

1 common key=1 run, 2 mins
1 uncommon key=4 runs, 8 mins
1 rare key=17 runs, 34 mins
1 legendary key=105 runs, 210 mins or 3 hours and 30 mins
Ranger=17 runs, 34 mins
Chef=34 runs, 68 mins or 1 hour and 8 mins
Sorcerer= 84 runs, 168 mins or 2 hours and 48 mins
Vampire hunter=125 runs, 250 mins or 4 hours and 10 mins
Ghost samurai=200 runs, 400 mins or 6 hours and 40 mins
Pyromancer=400 runs, 800 mins or 13 hours and 20 mins

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maybe its 2 min when done really fast. for me its at least 7 min, 3 min doing the dungeon,1 min reentering dungeon and 4 mins of lag and game crash. At the end i get only 900G. the chest should sell at 200G 400G and 1,250G. so far at level 72 i have only gotten 4-5 legendary chests, which i have sold.

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Gold should be 600G.

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i have played for a decent year and before grind house i had to farm for hours and days to open a single rare, the worst part is sometimes i get stuff that is for other characters and it makes me mad to know I wasted all that time just for nothing. I agree that the power ups are sup-post to help but when it is so rare just to get a coin boost it can be irritating that i have to spend a lot of time just to make to make up the time i lost looking for boosters. I know how hard it can be trying to farm but when you have to do it for day after day it can suck some joy out of the game. The chest would help since it would ease the strain we go through to open 1 or more chest. I am not trying to push you in any way or complain but I think that the adjusted prices would help the players so much and make the players grinding for coins not so serious and long.

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There is a bit of a grind for cash for both opening chests and buying characters. A way to make a bit more cash or for things to be cheaper would be great.

Selling chests isn’t a bad idea. As for the value why not sell it for whatever the item inside would be?

Perhaps adding a option to gift daily cash instead of just items?