[Nova Raider] using boss room exit during pvp

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i dont really need to say anything else do i

sort it out

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We could add a 10s out of combat rule for portals.

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Scenario :
A trader ship is rushing to a boss galaxy to collect resources, then a pirate ship appears and shots the trader ship. The trader ship is trapped to engage pvp fight or escaping to opposite side from the boss galaxy (if HQ escape is also blocked). But trader ship is supposed to be not for fighting.

Please make pvp combat establishing by return-fire, otherwise this rule is not favor to non-combating ship.


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yes i agree whith cave1019 on this, pvp is where both players are shooting only, if you have not taken any aggressive action towards another player then you should be allowed to freely leave the area

yes i know that makes it loads harder to implement but a passive player should be seen as such and not forced to die a load of times being trapped without any hope of getting out

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I agree with Trillion10. I would take it a step further by eliminating the ability to PvP in boss rooms unless both players attack each other. It has been getting worse and worse in boss rooms: too many idiots trying to kill other players.

Here is another scenario: a person heals another player in a boss room but the other player, used to getting attacked, mistakes the healing bot use as an attack and attacks the other person before they have a chance to realize they are being attacked (and they cannot make it to the exit in time nor can they type in the chat quickly enough to notify the other player that they are there to help). This is due to the incessant and annoying boss room attacking: everyone has to be on guard.

Basically, I am very tired of being attacked, at all times, from every player, and I never attack anyone. If wanted to PvP, I would. I would invest in the PvP aspects of the game. I haven’t and I don’t want to invest in raider tech. But the way the game is setup, I am forced to constantly fight other players that attack me…except I don’t stand a chance against anyone.

Some of you may complain that the traders want to take all the resources gained by the boss after other players kill the boss. Well, they can use freeze gun to stop the trader dead in their tracks. Even if the trader does not attack back (to initiate a PvP interaction like Trillion and I are suggesting), this is obviously a way a person can slow down a trader from taking all the resources.

Also, if a person does not want a boss killed by other players because they want the resources, they can just heal the boss to stop the “leeches.”

Basically, I am tired of porting into a boss room and getting immediately attacked by idiots that only play the game to invest in PvP techs. So I am reduced to forcing them to attack me so they have to waste resources on killing an empty trader ship. That is my only means of retaliating against them.

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And this bothers you why exactly? Once you give no PvP points there will be little reason to attack you other than for lulz.
On a side note: hilarious how people running away bother player who bought everything possible with stars. Even more ironic is fact that said player is member of guild full of cowards who would always run away from fair PvP. One of reasons why I quit/went on hiatus (to be decided) was because everyone was running away from fair fight, even when people caught up with my level. Moral of the story: karma’s a bitch. RAD was acting like cowards for weeks and now you QQ about people running away? Give me a break.

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“And this bothers you why exactly?”

So you don’t understand why a player, dedicated to trading, would be frustrated with the incessant boss room attacks, which prevents the trader from being able to do the one thing they have invested in (collect resources)? Why does this complaint not make sense to you, exactly?