[DDTank] Daredevils server stiil down...

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Daredevils server stiil down since the last maintenance ang merge or server…i cant open my character their..its always an error occur when logging in daredevils server..PLZZZZZ response to this ASAP..Thnx

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Server is not down, there is a tiny error on the link here. here is a way to login your character with a few sidesteps.

1.) Use Firefox, go to the ddtank page on kongregate and wait for the server selection screen to load.
2.) be fast (!) and click with left mousebutton on the “Dare Devils” button, then click right mousebutton right after you click´d on the button and before the error appears.
3.) in the dropdown menu you get by right-clicking, select “current frame >” and then “display frame sourcecode” (or something like that, mine is in german :p)
4.) if you did everything right, you can find a link in the sourcecode that looks like this:
“src=”http://s1.ddt.facebookmmo.com/Default_gg.aspx?user=blablaigüizgrpeg&amp;key=blablahohugheüurfhe&quot; <—- copy that link (the complete link between the " " starting with the “http://s1&#8230;.&#8221;
5.) paste that link to a txt file to edit some things in it
6.) erase the Default_gg.aspx and replace it with Loading.swf (Capital L), now you have the basic link u can use everytime, you only have to change the “key=…” part for every login attempt.
7.) use the url you just edited to login with your kong char.

note: if you disconnect from the server and wanna reconnect again, you have to go to the kong ddtank site and do the buttonpress+sourcecodecheck thing again, but the only thing you copy there from now on is the part at the end (after “key=”).
You need a fresh “key” for every new login.

hope that will help some ppl to get into the game again :)

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thnx sir but i cant find src=”http://s1.ddt.facebookmmo.com/Default_gg.aspx?user=blablaigüizgrpeg&amp;key=blablahohugheüurfhe&amp;quot&#8230;is thier another way to login or can i transfer my character in ddtank to another account?

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