[Star Supremacy] Do you know Benard?

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1. Dark Lord-Benard comes with all his minions. They can be found in the control center

2. Three Factions unique topics are added
★Angel Forces Increase all aircrafts’ armors
★Light of Altair Increase all ship shields

★Intercontinental Missiles Increase range of missiles
★Peacekeeping Fleets Increase armors of super ship chassis

★Ghost Fleets Increase armor of all small ships
★Powerful Barrier Increase ship armor modules

3. Dark Material on sale

4. Faction topic tokens added
Drops from instances and lever of fortunes

5. AI ships added to faction battle!
During the faction battle, defenders in the space fortress will be expelled by AI ships. The strength of the AI ships is related to the top military ranks. So, be careful with your military ranking! Besides, the strength is also affected by the winning times in row of a faction

6. Changes to alliances

a. Max alliance members increased to 60. Level 1 alliance can hold 15 members.
b. Gold and B-creds needed to upgrade alliances are reduced