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First of all, I will only answer to IGM or whisper. to keep this post clean, please don’t reply here, thx.

It’s pretty simple, I list down my haves and needs, if you have sth I am interested in, send me your offer.


Somber Avenger

Clam Opener
Blade of quickness
Crimson heart

Swirling hack
Transmundane 1h Ax
Enchanted Labrys

Brutal Spiked Flail (Blue Dragon Drop)
demon Whorshiper
Sharp Mace

Wood elf staff
Phoenix Baton
Dread Stick
Necromancer’s staff

Fiery Partisan
Spine of Gaia
Tridentite Trident (unique)
Abyssmal Pike

Odyssean Flute
Abyssal Tranquility
Persephone’s flute

Fiery Dragon
Fast loading Arbalest
Blackbeard’s right hand
Hook Shot
Prestigious Bow
Golden Shuriken
Elven Bow (Blue Dragon Drop)
Everlasting Pistol

Plate of the moon
Lord’s robe
Rock armor
Combat vest
Monk’s armor
Comfortable Vest
Coat of Light
Flexible Plate
Thom’s apron (unique)
Transmundane hvy. Armor
Invisibility Robe
Divination Cloak
Transmundane leather
Layered Armor
Cold Vest
Ghastly Vest
Mesmerizing Cloak
Tempel Guardian Armor

Murderous Bracers
Gloves of speed
Man Handlers
Stone Hands
Fore Cutters
Soft Griffon Gloves
Sturdy Gauntlets
Spectacular Gauntlets

Heavenly Sandals
Transmundane Sandals
Shiny Shoes
Cloud Runners
Dancer Shoes
Thom’s shoes (unique)
Courier’s boots
Little black boots
Plated Boots

Elemental Top
Moth-eaten hat (unique)
Streamlined Conscience
Deep Shell
Sky Visor
Wrathful Face
Siren’s top
Concentration Cap
Ancient Helmet

Medusa Shield
Resistant Aegis
Seven Seas Shield
Bone Shield
Mimic Shield

Ring of Might
Shadow Lurker’s Amulet
Ring of Monk Focus (unique)
Fiery Ruby
Gleaming Emerald
Icy Saphire
Predation Ring
Unholy Talisman
Pendant of Safety (unique)
Ring of the dice
Clairvoyance Amulet
Ring of Elemental Protection
Reactive Ring

Xallas Protection
Yoshiko’s Precision
Valerian’s Immunity
Nymera’s Posture
Taranis’ Vengance
Syrio’s Wisdom
Persephone’s Voice
Roche’s Fist

Needs (priority from top to bottom):
Olympean Circlet
Dragon Leather
Vest of Lies
Hydra Heads
Wind Pendant
Ring of Leaders