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vampire gun doesn’t heal correctly, my friend does 158 dmg but only gets 120 heal. it should be (158*1.7)+10 according to the stats.
In addition level 30 pvp cap doesn’t function correctly, sometimes they cannot be targeted. Healing other people has been made practically redundant due to the fact you have to double click to fire each shot. It should be fixed so if you tripple click or something it goes into auto. Healing drone sometimes causes it to disappear. Lastly the nerfing of the support class was a bit of a blow to some people as supports are already pretty bad without stars. With stars even the support has a much less chance in PVP than before.
oh and to reduce lag maybe have an option to not show increasing hit count, ie the number of your dmg and their dmg on the space ships.
Lastly the fact is i simply am the best player in this game, therefore please forward me a measly portion of 50,000 stars as subscription. with this i can research fast and dedicate time to making this a very fun game. thanks.

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or please stab him in the face but these do need fixing

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The healing still works the same. You do not have to double click. Only if the object being healed is NOT another human player do you have to double click. I can heal bosses, when boss trolls troll in boss rooms, very easily.

However, it would be nice to just triple click the non-human object and be able to continue to toggle my healing bots (with 1, 2, and 3) instead of having to click made crazy. It could allow to focus just on healing the boss and not miss a precious healing bot use when I am being trolled.

And until the vampire gun is fixed, I do not think I will invest in it.