[Esgrima 2] Musketeer Class Guide

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Here a simple comprehensive musketeer class guide
Will update as I play.
You are free to post any information regarding the musketeer
ALSO, I want to put the effects of each item, will do as soon as I have the time.
Missing LVL 50 Recipes and item info. 


-Coat class that shoots several times in an attack. Can do sustained damage on both mobs 
and bosses. (Bob says)
-The most agile gunners. They are most suited for high ranged DPS, due to their fast 
shooting speed. (Game says)
-Long Range High DPS Class, suited for dealing fast damage in any situation thanks to their
 ability to shoot multiple times, They have low HP. ( I say)

Str 4
End 4 
Wis 4
Lck 2
Int 4

The musketeer is the one in charge of dealing fast high damage in the least few rounds posible. 
Its recommended to position it in the Second Row. 
It's low hp requires it to have a cleric in the party for support.


*** A 4 musketeer party is a devastating way to grind levels for loot.
*** It is one of the most used class in the game.
*** You won't be able to solo many bosses.

==========CRAFTING ELITE ITEMS=========
A tedious task...
Here a location guide for the items that you will wind in the recipes:


SEWING NEEDLE: Random Drop- Dark Ocean, Dark Deep Sea Predator

CLOTH- Trade for Warrior Stone (THE COLLECTOR)

CLOTHING DYE- Random Drop from Mobs

HALITE- Rare Stone, Mine 1 : Drop from Old Mine level.


CORAL- Rare Stone, Mine 2



PEARL- Rare Stone, Mine 2

METAL- Trade for Warrior Stone (THE COLLECTOR)

CRAFTING HAMMER: Random Drop- Dark Ocean, Dark Deep Sea Predator

PURE IRON- Rare Stone, Mine 1


PREDATOR FIN: Random Drop- Dark Ocean, Dark Deep Sea Predator


BLACK PEARL- Rare Stone, Mine 2

PYRITE- Mine 2

FROZEN ICE SPEAR: Random Drop- Polar Thundra, Viscount Vilhelm



Cheval Clothes Recipe
Level 20
Sewing Needle -1
Cloth -4
Clothing Dye -5
Halite -10
Magnetite -30
Crafting Price -35,000
DROPPED BY: Pirate Captain, Cabin (14-17)

Grenadier Uniform Recipe
Level 30
Cheval Clothes -1
Cloth -8
Clothing Dye -10
Coral -15
Uranium -40
Crafting Price -50,000

Mercenary Clothes Recipe
Level 40
Grenadier Uniform -1
Cloth -13
Clothing Dye -15
Pearl -20
Celestite -50
Crafting Price -65,000

Level 50


Star Shooter
Level 20
Metal -4
Crafting Hammer -1 
Pure Iron -6
Biotite -18
Predator Fin -1
Crafting Price -40,000

Kings Pistol
Level 30
Metal -4
Star Shooter -1
Pearl -10
Celestite -24
Zirhon Blades -1
Crafting Price 55,000

Pistola Bayonet
Level 40
Metal -4
King's Pistol -1
Black Pearl -13
Pyrite -30
Frozen Ice Spear -1
Crafting Price -70,000
DROPPED BY: ICE HEARTED PRINCE, Suelo Congelado (43- 45)

Level 50


==Lvl 1

*Critical Shot 
+This skill is a must have, I recommend you max out as soon as possible since it always hits with 
critical damage.
+2 Strikes
+Cooldown 2

*Attack Power
+Passive ability that boosts your attack, at max it gives +30 attack.


==Lvl 10
*Ultimate Shot
+AOE Skill
+At maxed level it attacks for 60% strenght damage and hits with 10 strikes (WOAH 0_0)
+Cooldown 6

+Kicks your opponent
+Max level Attack 265%
+ Cooldown 1

*Musketeer Training
+Passive ability, gives 1+ endurance
+Only 1 skill point

==Lvl 20
Lucky Gunner
+ Buff, raises your critical chance, 
- Lasts one round.
-Cooldown 8

Little Mana
-Passive skill, raises mana.... No.

Water Element
+Passive ability, grants +1 to water element.
+Good for boss fights.

==Lvl 30
*Crazy Fury
+This skill is a very good one for bosses also
+ At max lvl:
  ::Atack 145%
  ::Enemy Mana 10%
-Cooldown: 14 rounds. OUCH.

+This attack never misses.
- 2 strikes
+ At Max Lvl 150% attack
+ Cooldown 4

Hazar Health
+Buff, raises you hp.

Agua Shot
+Elemental damage skill- Water Damage added+1
-1 strike
-Cooldown 5

==Lvl 40
*Stun Granade
+AOE, This skill is the daddy of damage dealing for AOE skills (at least for the musketeer) at level one it 
haves 220% attack
+ Stun probability
-Cooldown 10

Muchos Tiros

Unexpected Gift
+Now this skill is an interesting one, if the enemy hits you it haves a chance to deal damage back to him
+Passive ability

==Lvl 50
*Cooldown Reset
+ No more explanation is needed, cooldown resets, I heard it affects whole party. <need to confirm>
+Cooldown: WHOOPING 20


Not yet, feel free to post your build, or discuss.

Made By Okiri.
IGN= Xephir
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Future Information.

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It’s still unclear what does water element skill do?

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u make musk sound so über…
which is definitely not the case. its one of the weakest classes in game, thats for sure.
for item grinding best class is mages not musks.
musk only has 2 AOE and they are the worst in the whole game, maybe only topped by the guardian skills
some skills which sound good arent, especially ultimate shot where u put ur woaaaah behind it. may be good at the start but later on gets quite sucky, i.e. needs to be tweaked along with a few others.

also dont forget to mention that for a musk to do decent, and i deliberately dont say good, dmg u NEED to get the elite equip, if ure wearing rares ure absolutely useless later on in the game. this means loads of mining and difficult farming, along with the fact that u have 2 weapons to craft not 1, even more farming.

i personally wouldnt recommend this class unless u like a challenge. the new char, empire officer is quite similar to a musk, just basically an improved version of it

now for some data

samurai straw hat lvl 40 elite
mana +52
health +424
defence +60
dodge +11%

mercenary clothes lvl 40 elite
mana +58
health +602
defence +141
dodge +16%

pistola bayonet lvl 40 elite
dmg 218-253
crit 1
crit chance 6%


Grendelux Recipe coat lvl 50
merc clothes 1
fine cloth 7
clothing dye 20
diamond 25
zircon 65

swamp striker pistol recipe lvl 50
metal 4
pistola bayonet 1
drixonite 16
chrysocola 36
evil stone 1

water element adds +1 water which is a dmg multiplier or reducer depending on an enemy weakness or resistence

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Okays, I will post buiild of my musk:

lvl 1 abilities – all max(including mining)

lvl 10 abilities – max passive and ultimate shot

lvl 20 abilities – take water, but only after you beat frost island, after frost island water is useful element everywhere.

lvl 30 abilities – max crazy fury

lvl 40 abilities – max everything

lvl 50 abilities – TAKE IT!!!

Even with mining you have 10 skill points left, 15 skill points without mining.. take anything else you want, I don’t find anything else worth mana spent.

And now about musket.. even with 4(!!!) gems it’s pretty low dmg compared to war with only 3 gems…

But.. you see that cool ability called cooldown reset at lvl 50? Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds – removes cooldowns on ALL buffs!!! Basically if warrior does his buff + 3 most deadly skills combo, you use that skill and warrior can do it again!
I think musket is realy good to have 1 of in a party.. He speeds things up very greatly. Officer is still more interesting tho, if you favor personal strength over support.

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Unexpected Gift is wrong you said if the enemy hits you its actually when you hit the enemy its a buff that activates when you hit the enemy.

Unexpected Gift Maxed Level
5% chance to activate buff per hit
Attack gained 20% (But in the game text it gives you 19%)
Passive: Enemy Hit (When you hit the enemy)
Duration 2 turns
Author Notes: You should max this skill it is very useful. So far my max buff that I have gained ever was 6 unexpected Gifts they do stack.

Muchos Tiros Maxed Level
Cooldown 7
15 Mana
6 Strikes
Duration 1 turn (Well duh)
9% stun
Attack 130%
Author notes: This skill is somewhat useful if you have lucky gunner (imo I think Lucky gunner should get a buff) this skills minimum damage is lower than the Crit shot, however if you were to critical 2 of the 6 shots it would do more damage than the crit shot.

You should take a water element if you plan to reach the 4th island and war factory.

The Musketeer class is a psuedo support class(2 useful skills for support his Crazy Fury against PVP and his cooldown skill), his most advantageous and disadvantageous point is the amount of hits he can get in; he perfectly illustrates a bell curve damage wise, rarely reaches maximum damage and rarely does no damage. One of the strongest early game fairly balanced mid game I guess just average to below average late game. His mid 20 & 30 skills are mostly useless of course you can ditch most of the skills there, this is the ideal mining character not enough useful skills so losing 5 points into mining is not gonna change your overall damage late game.

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Thanks for your feedback, will improve upon guide in a few, thanks guys.

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Awww, you beat me to the punch on making a list of Musketeer stuff :(
Here’s a spreadsheet I was working on, it has some stuff on it you don’t, but it also needs a lot of work.

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Thanks for the guide…… Do you think you can make a Cleric guide?