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The last while I’ve been having more rotten luck getting and maintaining a decent connection to the server. A lot of this is probably due to my internet being filtered through the GFW <—-this article is actually blocked for me, so I hope it’s the right one! Sometimes I try to play with a VPN, but while the connection is sometimes more consistent, so can be the lag. Here’s some description of some of the bugs that I come across playing Vorp. For reference, I use OSX 10.8, either Chrome or Firefox. My Unity Web Player is up to date.

Still Loading…

Just jumped on, things load pretty quickly, you hit “play now” and are into a game lobby within a minute or two. Good timing, right? The game time counts down and you get ready to… wait? Loading: 65%? …66%? …67% …Meanwhile your team has begun the game, and they’re a man down. You hope no other crashes happen. (One of my pet peeves about this issue is that the [Loading] box covers over the [Options] button so I can’t double check my settings to make sure full screen is set to “off” in hopes of avoiding the full screen freeze unity crash.)
Remedy: start a single player practice game to let the game load before joining a team match.

Full screen unity crash

Sometime when the game goes full screen, it gets frozen white. Clicking the mouse can get a cursor, but no other controls seem to respond. Unity has taken control of the monitor, and it isn’t letting go. I have yet to be able to switch to other programs or successfully close the browser. You can hear sounds, and wiggle your mouse. You might even be able to hear your weapons firing when you push keys, but nothing is going to give you back your screen.Occasionally when this happens, the screen is black.
Remedy: The only solution I’ve found is to reboot my system.

Spawn Fail

Just when the game begins, you are pleased that no other crash has happened. The timer is counting seconds, you can hear missiles firing in a battle, but your view is frozen on the middle of the map and your ship still hasn’t appeared.
Remedy: Waiting. Possibly quit to menu and attempt to rejoin your match. Good luck catching up.

Zig Zag Lag

The map will scroll smoothly as you move about, but objects, projectiles, ships, drones etc. jitter or shake on the screen. Since basically everything that moves leaves a trail, the trail is shaken all over the screen.
Remedy: Sometimes this can be fixed by quitting to menu and refreshing the browser.

Surprise! Lost Connection

Latency is a little higher than ideal maybe around 300, but the game seems fine. You’re cruising around blasting drones and attacking turrets/ships and suddenly you’re back in the menu.
Remedy: wait for a connection to be reestablished with the server?


You just suffered a “Surprise Lost Connection” on the way back to depot. No biggie, it hasn’t even been 30 seconds before the connection seems to be back and the [Live Match] option comes back. Then your screen goes white and it’s time to reboot. Good luck catching up now.
Remedy: T_T

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Have you seen any of these issues? Had a problem of your own? Have a solution?

(Edit: In spite of this trouble, I keep coming back. Must be an addiction or something.)

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For the unity thing, I was able to get task manager up, from the toolbar.
But there is another bug: On Firefox, at least, you cannot go fullscreen if the browser is not maximized(this does not happen with Opera).
And yeah, it’s probably the right page.

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For some derpy lag, I find a correlation with CPU temperature. You can check if your case seems hot, and it may be a good idea to monitor your case temperature or CPU temperature and quit playing for a while when it is getting hot. For my laptop, I switch power mode to “always on” for playing and back to “portable/laptop” which underclocks to reduce power when I need to let it cool off. Additional cooling fan pad and tool like SpeedFan to monitor temp and increase fan speeds may help too.