[Nova Raider] Weapons and Reaserch Descriptions

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People have been asking for some guide or description as to what weapons and research do. I’m not going to post a guide as of right now but I am going to give a description of what all weapons/research do and what they are used for.

Table of Contents:
research: post 1-3
weapons: post 4-5


Reactor research (improves all reactors)

Reactor management: raises the max number of reactors you can have

Anti-looting: attackers get less uranium for attacking your reactor

Reactor Lasers: adds a laser on reactors that counter attack every time someone attacks your reactor. It attacks every time it’s hit, if they stop the lasers stop.

Reactor cannons: adds a weapon on reactors that attacks anyone that attacks your reactor, even if they stop attacking.

Reactor Missiles: adds a weapon on reactors that attacks anything in range equal to or above the reactors level, even if they don’t attack the reactor.

Reactor attack researches (defense against reactor weapons)

Reactor looting: get more uranium for destroying reactors

Reactor Laser shield: take less damage from reactor lasers

Reactor cannon shield: take less damage from reactor cannons

Reactor Missile shield: take less damage from reactor missiles

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Repairing: increases how much you heal if you are killed

Extra Ammunition: increases max ammo you carry

Trading slots: increases how many different ores you can sell at one time in the marketplace

Other (holds all the requirment techs)

Weaponry: lets you get stronger weapons, used in every weapon slot item

Equipment: lets you get stronger equipment, used in every equipment slot item

Raider technology: Lets you get better raider ships and weapons and other damage related items. Used in: cannons, photon cannons, guided missiles, lifesteal gun, explosive missiles, beam of death, damage buff, cleanse

Tank techniques: let’s you gets better tank ships, shields, and life buffs and a few weapons. Used in: freeze gun, sacrificial repair, repair kit, upgraded life buff, life buff, slandered shield, reflector shield, GODMODE, healing robot

Support technology: lets you get better support ships and buff other players and get drones. Used in: healing robot, shield buff, attack buff, sacrificial repair, revive, upgraded support drone, support drone, radar

Trader technology: lets you get better trader ships and helps you run away from fights. Used in: electromagnetic bomb, upgraded reactor overcharge, reactor overcharge, extra containers, secure containers

Theft: lets you steal things from the enemy. Used in: lifesteal gun, uranium extractor

Aiming: lets you get items that aim stronger. Used in: guided missiles, cleanse

Explosives: lets you get things that do splash damage. Used in: explosive missiles, big boom inc.

Disabling: lets you get things that inhibit others. Used in: electromagnetic bomb, freeze gun, blinding ray

Buffs: lets you get buffs for yourself and others. Used in: attack buff

Defense: lets you get stronger defensive items. Used in: shield buff, standered shield

Counter-attacks: lets you get items that counter. Used in reflector shield, automatic defense turret

Drone technology: let’s you get better drones. Used in: support drone

Divine technology: lets you get the strongest, best items in the game. Used in: beam of death, revive, GODMODE, secure container

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Reactor researches

Reactor: raises how much uranium is made from 1 ore

Fuel stock: raises how many ores you can put in your reactor

Hit points: raises hp of reactor

Uranium stock: raises how much uranium the reactor can hold before it must be collected

Experience generator: gives you experience every time you put in ores

Uranium safe: protects uranium even if reactor is destroyed, acts like a “bank”

For more reactor info:

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Left side (non-personal items)

Safety Laser: Default weapon, has infinite ammo and deals 1 damage to reactors

Pulse Laser: Universal weapon that only requires weapons upgrades, with a fast attack speed and cheap ammo

Cannon: Designed as the “power” raider weapon it deals the most damage without a cool down. Must be bought with stars. Requires raider tech, weaponry

Plasma Cannon: Kind of a balance between the pulse lasers speed and cannons power, it’s designed as a raider weapon. Requires: raider tech, weaponry

Healing Robot: Designed for supports, it heals anyone targeted and uses cpu stat. It has very high ammo compared to other weapons, easily reaching the 300+. Requires: Weaponry, support tech, tank tech

Galactic Gattling: Designed as the “power” version of the Pulse Laser it attacks with almost no delay. Must be bought with stars. Requires: weaponry

Electromagnetic Bomb (emp): Designed as a trader getaway assist it stuns the target making them unable to attack. They can still move however. Requires: trader tech, disabling

Blinding Ray: Designed, as a universal debuff it lowers the precision of the target. requires: Weaponry, disabling

Freeze Beam: Designed as a tank debuff it freezes the attacker making him completely defenseless. Requires: tank tech, disabling, weaponry

Shield Buff: Designed as a support buff it adds a buff that absorbs damage for the target. Requires: weaponry, support tech, defense

Uranium Extractor: Designed as a trader weapon it sucks out uranium from whoever it attacks. Doesn’t work on players. Requires: weaponry, trader tec, theft.

Guided Missiles: Designed as a raider weapon, it has a short cool but deals massive damage and never misses. Requires: weaponry, raider tech, aiming

Attack Buff: Designed as a support buff it makes the target’s base attack go up based on cpu. Requires: weaponry, support tech, buffs

(from here on the rest is speculatory, I’ve never seen them used, nor used them myself)

Lifesteal Gun: Designed as a raider weapon, it gives you hp based on a %
of the damage you do. Requires: weaponry, raider tech, theft

Sacrificial Repair: Designed as a tank buff it takes hp away and gives it to someone else. Requires: weaponry, support tech, tank tech

Explosive Missile: Designed as a raider weapon with “splash” damage it has low damage but has an a.o.e effect. Requires: weaponry, raider tech, explosives

Beam of death: Designed as the ultimate weapon it, it pierces any shield buffs and deals the highest damage. It has a short cooldown. Requires: weaponry, raider tech, divine tech

Revive: Designed as the ultimate buff it will revive the target if they die without penalty: Requires: weaponry, support tech, divine tech

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Right Side (self items)

Repair Kit: Designed as an universal self-heal it heals a flat hp rate. Requires: Equipment, tank tech

Automatic Defense Turret: Designed as an universal attack/defense self buff it absorbs a small % of incoming damage and attacks anyone that attacks you. The damage is the same as safety laser. Requires: Equipment, counter-attacks

Upgraded Life Buff: Designed as the strongest life buff and a tank buff, it raises max hq based on your max hp. It must be bought with stars. Are stack-able Requires: equipment, tank tech

Upgraded Support Drone: designed as a supports strongest weapon, it summons a small npc beside you that attacks based on cpu. it can be killed. Must be bought with stars. Requires: equipment, support tech

Upgraded Reactor Overcharge: Designed as a traders strongest get-away option, it increases your movement speed. Must be bought with stars: Requires: equipment, trader tech

Life buff: Designed as a tank buff it raises max life based on hp. Are stack-able Requires: equipment, tank tech

Support Drone: Designed as the support attack weapon it summons a weaker, but starless version, of the support drone. Requires: equipment, support tech, drone tech

Reactor Overcharge: Designed to help traders get away from attackers. It raises their movement speed. Requires equipment, trader tech, buffs

Life Buff (second): Designed as the universal life buff it raised max hp by a flat number. Are stack-able. Must be bought with stars. Requires: equipment

Reactor Overcharge (second): Designed as the universal version but has same purpose as the other 2. Must be bought with stars. Requires: equipment.

Combat Drone: Universal version of the support drones. Must be bought with stars. Requires: equipment

Damage Upgrade: Designed as a raider buff, it raises base damage for a time.Are stack-able. Requires: equipment, raider tech

Standard Shield: Designed as a tank buff, it reduces damage by a . They are stack able, however the 2nd only absorbs what’s left over from the 1st (200-50=100 now 100-25%=75 damage taken).

Cleanse: Designed as a raider buff it removes any disabling effects and heals slightly. Requires: equipment, raiding tech, aiming

Reflector Shield: Designed as a tank buff it aborbs a little damage and reflects some taken. Requires: equipment, tank tech, counter attacks

Extra Container: Designed as a trader buff it raises the cap on the number of ores you can carry for a time. All extra ore that are over your cap are dropped when it runs out. Requires: equipment, trader tech

(following are specletory, I haven’t used them or seen them used)

Big Boom Inc: Designed as an universal suicide weapon, it kills you and deals amazingly high damage to anyone close to you. Requires: equipment, explosives.

Radar: Designed as a support self buff it raises the attack range for a time. Requires equipment, support tech.

GODMODE: Designed as the ultimate shield, it makes you invulnerable for a time. Requires: equipment, tank tech, divine tech

Secure Container: Designed as the ultimate trader cargo protection, it makes sure you don’t loose any uranium or cargo when you die. Requires: equipment, trader tech, divine tech

Some one made a damage chart for all the weapons I don’t know how reliable it is but here’s the link http://slo.ucoz.com/sheet.html

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Response to ^last sentence : it doesn’t matter, it will be outdated tomorrow :)