[Fantasy Online] FO Superenemies

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I really think every level in this game should have a superenemy, yes, an extra powerful enemy that’s not a boss. They give you extra faction points, XP, and gold. The Fuzzy Fox in the Frozen North is an excellent example. He (or she) drops over 1000 gold each time. All the other enemies in the level don’t.

Here is a list of my brainstormed superenemies for each level.

Noob Island: Evil Lumberjack HP: 1000. Attack Power: 50-150. Average gold drop: 50 to 100.

Crab Coast: Gold Crab HP: 3000. Attack Power: 150-200. Average gold drop: 300-422.

Pirate Shores: Jack Sparrow HP: 5200 Attack Power: 400-500. Average gold drop: 700-800. Other loot: Jack Sparrow Head (outfit head), Pirate Sword.

Cave of Some Return: Gremlin HP: 8000 Attack Power: 600-800 A. Average Gold Drop: 1000-1200. Other loot: Gold Candy, Gremlin Ear, Gold Hatchet (which is his weapon)

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