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Feature and bugfix requests:

Implemented by the devs as per request. Thanks!

  • Increase the size of the chatlog and allow us to position it and adjust its size on the screen. 36 characters isn’t enough.

Remaining to be done

  • Allow players to press a key to immediately skip the “Victory shield” screen and press a second time to skip the “slowly watching xp scroll by” screen
  • Include “gold earned” on the post-dungeon stats screen
  • Include total damage done by a player on the post-dungeon stats screen. For example, the frostgaard troll dungeon has only one monster in it. We’d like to know not only who got the killing blow, but how much actual damage each person contributed.
  • Include also on the post-dungeon stats screen the total number of deaths for each player, and total number of times they revived somebody.
  • Trophies need to do something. For example, they could provide a gold bonus similar to the crew xp bonus. Or they could be used to unlock dungeons. Or both. Whatever it is, they do need to do something.
  • Add a “select all” checkbox to the give gifts screen.
  • Something desperately needs to be done about leechers. This is the number one complaint about the game in chat, and the current blocking system is inadequate. Proposed solutions: 1) any time a player with a character who is not unconscious provides no keyboard input for 30 seconds, immediately boot them from the dungeon. 2) Any player who finishes a level of a dungeon with zero damage receives no xp and no gold for that level. Either of these two changes a alone might be inadequate. For example, a leech might simply put a weight on a keyboard key to bypass the first, or do one kill at the beginning of a level then walk away. However, by implementing them both together it should greatly reduce the leeching problem.
  • The victory screen always shows two empty spots for chests whether or no chests exist in the dungeon. Change this to reflect the number and type of chests that were ctually present so that we know not only what we got, but also what we missed, if anything.
  • There’s a two-fold problem with the vampire hunter that needs fixing. First, her auto-targetting does not behave as intelligently as it does for the ranger. There’s a fairly wide set of angles near each of her 45 degree corners in which monsters can stand that the vampire hunter can’t auto-target. She will shoot horizontally or vertically even though there’s a monster within range at 45 degrees. Second, unlike the ranger, with some ranged weapons the vampire hunter will creep forward if directional arrowsa re pressed while firing. Consequently it often happens that the vampire hunter needs to constantly reposition herself or else hold arrow keys and walk into attacks while firing.
  • Have the game remember the previous area visited for each character. For example, if I’m playing with a chracter that has reached grindhouse, and I want to grind the frostgaard troll, I have to press to the left twice every single time I select a battle. If I just did the frostgaard troll, odds are fairly good that the next battle I do will also be the frostgaard troll. So when I click “battle” from the town, have the game remember this and default to the gladiator league instead of always defaulting to the highest level zone I’ve visited.
  • Add shots per second data to weapon descriptions. At present it’s very difficult to compare weapons to each other.
  • Related: please review weapon dps rates. At present it sometimes happens that even weapons 20 levels higher don’t appear to be any better than weapons 20 levels lower. A level 50 bow should not do less damage than a level 30 bow, but I’ve seen this happen a number of times. At present we kind of just assume that the level 50 weapon with a smaller damage number has a higher firing rate, and therefore should probably have a higher overall damage over time but even by equipping both and testing…very often they don’t appear to.
  • Add a new “armor” equipment type usable by all characters. Armor items will take up an equipment slow just like weapons, and provide damage reduction effects to attacks received. Add new equipment mods for armor items, for example: reduce melee damage, reduce ranged damage, reduce spell damage, damage reflect, increase threat generation, etc.
  • Include more detailed information about what class stats actually do. For example, what excatly is my mana regeneration rate, what is my attack rate, what do the stars in each class description actually mean, etc.
  • Something needs to be done about chests . It doesn’t make a lot of sense that rare and legendary chests are generally less desirable than common and uncommon chests because they’re so prohibitively expensive to open and so abundant. Two primary solutions have been proposed: 1) allow players to sell chests to reduce the frustration factor of simply throwing them away. 2) Adjust the drop rates to more heavily weight common and uncommon chests during rookie and gladiator leagues. Probably doing both would be helpful. We realize you’re hesitant to allow the selling of chests for monetization reasons, but if not this…then something needs to be done. Speaking for myself, I’ve personally been throwing away gold chests regularly, I have an entire page of inventory full of them…and I’ve yet to open a single one because there isn’t enough gold in the game to justify doing so, and paying 20,000 gold to open a chest that probably isn’t going to even give me something I can use is simply a recipe for player frustration.
  • Allow us to specify which language(s) we speak and add a settings screen to filter the languages of players we’ll be grouped with. A lot of players in the game speak spanish, and us english speakers are regularly grouped with people we can’t talk to.
  • Provide better early-vs-late game dungeon reward balancing. As it is, regardless of how far into the game you are there are only a very few dungeons that are very time-efficient to do. Even for a very high level character it would probably be more efficient to grind rookie or gladiator league bosses than anything in the grindhouse, and the high cost of rare and legendary keys combined with relative abundance of their chests simply make later levels not very rewarding.
  • There is an inconvenient control delay between attacking and moving. It manifests most obviously for the ranger. To see an example of this, play a ranger, face up and press your attack key repeatedly, then after attacking, immediately try to move down. Very often even though you fired up and after letting go of the attack key moved down, you’ll actually fire a shot down. This control delay needs to be fixed.
  • Make daily sales per player and adjust the RNG to give players useful options. Nobody is going to pay 300 gems for level 10 weapon for their level 50 character.
  • The vampire hunter could probably use balance adjusting. She’s listed as a four star damage character vs three stars for the ranger, but she very obviously does not do more damage. She also seems to be more heavily dependent on getting specific crossbow drops that happen terribly rarely. Also, the value of traps seems to be overstated. Snare scrolls are much easier to use than garlic, and the burning damage effect appears to be insignificant.
  • Change chests to always give items for the selected class. We realize that you deliberately made it semi-random. We don’t like it and it is immensely frustrating to spend half an hour grinding gold to open chests and get items usable only by classes we don’t even have.
  • Add xp current/required mouseovers to the xp bar that appears when choosing a dungeon. At present it does not show one like it does while in the tavern or in a dungeon.
  • Add an option to disable friend login/logoff notifications. None of these people are actually our friends. We’ve only friended them to get gifts.
  • Related, add a “solo play” option when starting dungeons. Again, we pretty much have to friend people in order to get potions, and sometimes we really do want to do a dungeon solo.
  • Fix the speed/gold/xp hacking issues
  • The game behaves as if it is leaking memory, and requires browser refreshing every 5-10 dungeons or else it lags. Please fix this.
  • It has been pointed out that pretty much universally, investing skillpoints in attack power is not very useful, because attack “power” doesn’t actually increase your power, it behaves as a straight damage bonus. So, if your weapon does 1000 damage, putting 25 points into attack power will result in attacks that do 1025 damage. This is both unhelpful and counterintuitive, since weapons list “power” and obviously do damage that doesn’t directly correlate to it. For example, testing right now my crossbow with 188 power will do 548 damage per hit to some targets. Either attack “power” skills are incorrectly named and should be called attack “damage” bonuses, or they are being applied incorrectly and should be a bonus to weapon power rather than weapon damage.
  • It is possible for character corpse to be moved or bounce around from impact, but the location other players need to be to press space bar to revive them seems to fixed at the point of death rather than the visible location of the corpse. This occasionally results in characters who are very difficult to revive because you have to wander around looking for where you can revive them, sometimes several inches away from their corpse.
  • Trap and burning damage kills are incorrectly not counted towards a players kill count

  • Show which dungeon our friends are on so we don’t have to join them blindly
  • Fix the bug that inverts the friends selections whether they’re in a dungeon or not
  • Add a ‘checkpoint dungeon’ at each new zone that can only be completed solo. Purpose being to filter out completely incompetent players from advancing through the game hanging out afk and leeching off of others. If I see idiots in Rookie league, I can accept that. When people in grindhouse still don’t understand how repeating spike traps work, that’s problem.
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Well, i do agree with everything else, except this:
“Add a new “armor” equipment type usable by all characters. Armor items will take up an equipment slow just like weapons, and provide damage reduction effects to attacks received. Add new equipment mods for armor items, for example: reduce melee damage, reduce ranged damage, reduce spell damage, damage reflect, increase threat generation, etc.”

Just doesn’t seem right for some reason.

But i would add: make a chests of different kinds (their type will be visible only after the dungeon is finished): chests with ranged weapons only (bows, crossbows), meele only (all of the kind), throwing only (throwing knives, boulders, bers’ chakrums), potion only (!!!). People will still have to farm for needed chest, but it will lessen a random factor of items in the chests.

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Wonderful compialation of things that should be fixed/changed.

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Holy smokes, very nice work! Thank you!

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my suggestion
- add ‘resume dungeon’ (replay current dungeon with same setting) in victory screen
- add ‘solo mode’ (even friends can’t join)

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Speaking about walking speed and VH:
Bers: they have only dungeon booster that speeds them (and teammates) up.
Ranger and GS: speed up skill.
Ranger, Sorc (and Chief): cast (cook) wings.
Pyro: teleports on a small distances (saw some players do this).
So, the slowest one in solo dungeons anyway is VH who can be speeded up only by dino biting that sweet back of her.
So maybe add something like bloodlust for VH: on low hp it runs a bit faster.
And something similar for berserks – like a rage, when they run faster by x1.1, x1.2, x1.3 or can’t be knocked back if they killed 3, 5, 7 mobs in a row and keep killing mobs in a 4 or 5 seconds.

It’s just a suggestion, but maybe you will get some ideas from here :)

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Add a new “armor” equipment type usable by all characters. Armor items will take up an equipment slow just like weapons, and provide damage reduction effects to attacks received. Add new equipment mods for armor items, for example: reduce melee damage, reduce ranged damage, reduce spell damage, damage reflect, increase threat

the armour idea is just like an hp mod in legend weapons

Pyro + armour = will be a bit too powerful

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Suggestion about leecher/idlers.

After a prolonged period of inactivity, the other players are allowed to attack the idle player. This is a bit more satisfying than “zzz”.

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pyromancer gloves need to be fixed…
1) normal attack has no description
2) The charge attack isnt shown

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There should be a kick menu to kick leechers or auto kick them when “Zzz” appears.