[WarMetal Tyrant] [To Devs] Proposals for new Quest (and/or CQ) effects

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(See title)

1. Quake- each time a player plays a card, the cards on their field have their order randomly shuffled. If an assault unit is played, that player’s assault units are shuffled. If it’s an action or structure, their structures are shuffled.

2. Time Shift- Battles max out at turn 100, but cards are only playable every other turn.

3. Crumble- Structures come into play rushed by one turn. However, they have 1 less max health, which can’t be repaired, refreshed, or regen-ed back (so Mobile base when it refreshes would only go to 3 HP). This is ignored by structures that already have 0 wait.

4. No-fly Zone- Flying skill does not activate. Cards with flying won’t take extra damage from anti-air skills.

5. Corrosion- Reduces all armored and protect skills of assault units by 1.

6. Hard Body- Commanders gain the skill Armored 1. Damage caused by Crush is unaffected and cards with pierce activate when attacking the commander directly.

7. Gravity Inversion- Walls gain the flying ability, meaning they will only be hit 50% of the time by direct attacks from non-flying units but will also take extra damage from cards with anti-air.

8. Gratitude- Tribute ability activates 100% of the time.

9. Stasis Field- Cards affected by immobilize have their abilities negated for the turn they are affected instead of being unable to attack.

I hope someone finds some of these suggestions useful. Even if they don’t, I thank you for your time.

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lol…hard bodies

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I like 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8.

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They’re all pretty interesting, especially 2 and 9.

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I like them all.

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The problem is… we don’t want new things.. we want to fix / balance old things..

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Some nice ideas!

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1. makes very interesting, but RNG-influenced fights. not as random as genesis though.
2. has a bit too much comparison to rush IMO, but could work out fine and seems interesting.
3. YES! **** you BoD. but seriously, seems like an okay effect.
4. anti-high skies, looks ok.
5. looks interesting, not sure what to expect.
6. too much work for devs, armored commanders have already been requested.
7. looks horrible.
8. coughs radio officer spam anyone?
9. too minimal effect to be worth using.

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interested idea, I want add some more

10.Quicksand – Both Commander gain “Siege All 1” skill(Replace original Siege)

11.Holy Light – Both Commander gain “Cleanse All X” skill, X is Commander’s faction(Replace original Cleanse)

12.Tenacity – Cards receive no damage while player’s turn

13.Deja Vu – All Action cards gain “Recharge” skill

14.Cost of Blood – When a card played or summoned, commander receive 1 damage per card, can be killed by this effect

15.Overrun – All Structure card gain “Wall” skill if it don’t have, Siege does not working

16.Code Error – All Activation skills lose their skill suffix (Strike 1 on play => Strike 1)

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1. Curious…
2. LOVE.
3. Very meh.
4. Meh.
5. Meh.
6. Meh.
7. Really like this!
8. EENteresting…
9. Ew, no.

10-15. ZOMG love all of these!
16. That would just be weird… could possibly be cool though, I suppose.

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In a single page of a single thread in a pair of day i see so much good ideas, all better and more balanced than Genesis, i hope to see at least some of these implemented.

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I do want to see new quests, maybe also used some lesser known commanders and give them a quest version…

personal changes of my idea:
Quake- all assault cards and structure lose 1 health at the end of each turn.
Infection- all cards with lesser than 3 skills
Blockade- Jam and Immobilize work 75% of the time
Overgrow- disease and poison disabled, regenerate works 75% of the time

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Originally posted by bc007004:

16.Code Error – All Activation skills lose their skill suffix (Strike 1 on play => Strike 1)

Then what about structures with disease or poison on attacked or Virulentus with poison on attacked? Blightbulb would be OP. 0-delay structure with Chaos All. Not to mention all the suffixed summon skills. Righteous Hold anybody?