[BigHeadBash] Mobsters Update and Death Boosters

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  • New brand – Mobsters
  • 3 New toys – Mobsters
  • 3 New weapons – Tommy gun, Molotov cocktail, Blue flamethrower
  • Introducing Death Boosters

Death Boosters are a way to make your kills more unique and satisfying. Buy them in the store and equip it on the Inventory panel. Then watch what happens to your opponent after landing the killing blow. You can make them burst into flames, explode into blood, electrocute them or leave a message and mark with the bio hazard boosters.

Choose from 7 effects – Blue, Red and Green flames, Gore, Electrocution, Biohazard and Poo.

BOTS Update:
HP lowered to 100
Bots now spawn with random weapons:
• Floatron
• Rocket Launcher
• Sniper
• Spyder 1 Laser