[Star Supremacy] Show us your mighty leaders!

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Collect leaders and claim for new leader from GMs!
Collect the Dipper Force leaders - Patrick, Teresa, and Claudia to claim either one of the following three new leaders: Daphne, Abigail or William and 30 exp balls(for those who have trouble seeing the picture belowing)

Collect Achernar leaders—- Shirley, Winnie, Rachel to claim either of the two leaders and 30 exp balls.(for those who have trouble seeing the picture belowing)

3. Anyone who gets either of these three leaders can claim two “leader packs” which worth 1200 B-creds.

4. Anyone who gets Bernard can claim an “adv leader pack” which worth 2600 B-creds

Please PAY ATTENTION if you want to claim new leaders. If you have met with the requirements, please take screenshots of your leaders as required in a reply to this topic and don’t forget to give us your in-game name, server name and the name of the leader that you want
(Photoshop skills are not allowed though it is used in the following example
and it is terrible ╮(╯_╰)╭. We will check from the backend.)

For example
Reply as:
I have collected Patrick, Teresa, and Cecil. Here are the screenshots:

And, I want the leader-William!
In-game name: lovegaming
Server: Gemini