[Nova Raider] 1.2b patch notes (reformated)

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Version 1.2b – 23/01/13

  1. Support classes now have reduced life and attack damage (as they have high base dodge values)

  2. Guided Missiles: their damage has doubled and they also ignore shields.

  3. Explosive missiles : increased damage and cooldown reduced to 5s

  4. Lifesteal gun: Lifesteal value decreased

  5. Death ray: damage has doubled, no longer makes the screen shake

  6. Freeze Beam & Electromagnetic bomb : slight duration reduction

  7. Shielding buff (support): Increased absorption, increased duration and reduced cooldown

  8. Damage buff (support): Increased damage, increased duration and reduced cooldown

  9. Uranium extractor: no longer atracts aggro

  10. Automatic defense units: fires only once per second per player, making it less effective versus a unique player, no changes versus NPCs.

  11. Resurrection : cooldown reduced to 30s

  12. Cleanse: heal value increased

  13. Healing kit: doubled healing value

  14. Secure containers : cooldown reduced to 10s

  15. Godmode: cooldown reduced to 30s

  16. Life buff: reduced base amount and increased variable amount. Change does not affect tanks very much.

  17. Radar now is “Overclocking module”: it increases your CPU as well as your range.

  18. Added CPU gems

  19. Time capsules now have increased time reduction in higher galaxies: 5s in G2, 10s in G3 .. 30s in G7. …
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Thanks, dunno why formatting get broken now and then..

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supports have been nerfed to oblivion. thats too big of a nerf to compensate for a % based stat. please reconsider. i suggest 3250 health and 60 damage

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Oblivion? Really?

- Shield and damage buff are now really strong, you can just about double your damage with a good support player behind you.

- Overclocking module isn’t that weak, the range increase is massive and the cpu increase makes you even better at your job.

- CPU gems

For that you lost around 22% in hitpoints (needed to make a tank better at tanking than you) and damage. It’s a nerf for solo support players, yes, but why would you even want to play alone as a support? In teams you’re much more powerful than before.

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cause i have spent days looking for groups and asking around in chat and noone bothers. all are on their selfish exp grinds in raiders and are more than happy to one shot every monsters with the new missiles. so why would they even need a support on the first place? oh wait bosses maybe? wrong again, every ship can deal with them without any serious issues. you would only need them in hq raids and thats it. i get it it needs some nerfs, but dont force ppl to choose only some ships if they wanna play normally. why dont you nerf trader hp as well? i seen those solo bosses. what does that say for them? if devs wanna make the support players play in groups, give them exp/gems for healing and increase party exp. there has to be some incentive for parties after all. also, why traders dont get chance for gem drops from collecting resources?

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second note, drones get almost one shotted after g5. hp buff or cooldown reduction please??

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also please allow targeting of our own ships …

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Sub, formatting gets broken once post excedes some lenght. Try breaking it down into few posts.

Voyd, did you know that support was fully playable as solo class when you first picked it? Of course not, because nothing in description suggests it. Players who pick support for supporting others should be happy since support capabilites are increased, those who chose that class because it was OP simply suffer consequences of inevitable nerf. Not to mention it’s not that big, especially now that guided missiles ignore shields. Combine that with now useless life buff (read below) and you’ll see that your support is still almost as good at tanking as tank.

About changes: overall good, almost make me want to come back. Few issues from quick glance: vampiric gun still steals a lot (over 200 hp healed per shot is still better than any heal by a long shot, pun intended), life buff is now useless since it heals less hp/s than repair kit (1 use of heal buff vs 4 uses of repair kit in 40s). Cleanse should be tank tech, or better yet one of support’s guns, raider exclusive heal makes no sense. Healing kit’s increased heal not only makes life buff useless, but also support’s healing, shifting this game even further toward “every man for himself” type of play. IMO heal should be decreased and mob dmg and hp increased to encourage team play and reward supports. In-game Godmode says CD 25s. I don’t feel like doing exact math, but ADU still seems to close to reflective shield in terms of power, maybe make it reflect base attack of support ship of equal level to balance it on raiders?